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The book 52 Weeks of Fun Family Service has a host of great ideas and is a great place to get inspiration for coming up with you own ideas.

This is an example of what will be listed on this page. Please e-mail me any ideas you have for this page and I will list them here with your name if you would like me to.

 Do a Dish & Serve post!

 Help out with SmileFest

 Hygiene/food kits for the homeless.

 Art abandonment and random acts of kindness.

HS service project printable.jpg Volunteer at a Humane Society. Collect items needed for your local humane society from friends and neighbors (with free printable).

 Random Acts of Kindness. Free printables for water bottle labels and small cards. Buy some water bottles, candy bars, granola bars or whatever you like and pass them out in a populated area with lots of people walking around. We went to a hospital we did not go in patient rooms there were plenty of staff and visitors etc for us to hand everything out to.

  Tray favors. Make notes for kids food trays while they are in the hospital.

 Super Bubble Bordem Buster Kit.

Father's Day. Free printables and lots of ideas on how to serve him and what to get him for father's day.

 Volunteering at a food bank with kids

A Ray of Sunshine Craft

 Cookie party and a random act of kindness

Ideas below taken from this post

1. Make dinner for a in just make doubles of what you were going to make anyway and call a friend up and say I'm bringing over dinner.

2. Put flowers in a vase and then ding dong ditch them at someones house with a kind note. * You can buy a  cute vase at Wal-mart for $2-3 also I have noticed that carnations and Azaleas last a long time and won't break the bank. 

3. Call someone you have been meaning to. *this could be tweaked to include kids*    
4. Make extras of dinner and take it to an elderly neighbor

5. Make a few goodie plates and take them to your neighbors *If you haven't meet your neighbors this is a great way to do it*

6. Have everyone write a kind note to someone and give it to them. A spouse could tuck it in a place they know their spouse will find it during the coarse of the day. Kids can take it to a friend at school or mail it off to someone farther away. 

7. Find a thoughtful way to express your love to someone. For example if your spouse or friend has an undone project they just don't seem to have the time to finish. Do it for them or help them finish it if you can't do it without their help.

8. Print out note cards that say something kind and give to anyone you see through out the coarse or your day who seems to be having a hard time. 

9. Heart attack someone. This could be changed to a Christmas themed cut out instead of hearts. If you don't know what this is, basically you cut out hearts and tape them all over a persons door with nice things written on a few. If you can get inside there house then do it in a room or door in the house. 

10. Have your kids go through their toys (gently used toys) and donate unwanted toys to a shelter or another place that may need them.
11. Make a quilt or fleece blanket and take to a homeless shelter, hospital, neighbor etc.

12. Find a way to help a military family or send box of goodies to someone who's in active military or donate to a group that will.

13. Shovel snow for someone else


  1. I've started having my kids pick up the few pieces of trash they find each time we go to the park. It takes them 5 minutes, which is about their attention span, they feel good about helping, and they learn about simple acts of service too!

  2. That's a really great idea! Good job Mom! I have thought about how it's easy with public places to just shrug off things like trash etc.and say someone else will do it. You are teaching your kids a ton by that simple act, to be mindful and take care of/have a sense of responsibility for their community. What a great idea. Thanks for leaving such a great comment :)

  3. These are some wonderful ideas and reminds me of the good times I had with my best friend in high school. When we lived in the city I'd get the kids to help me with random acts of kindness. My best friend and I would "heart attack" each others windows and sometimes we'd leave some quotes or uplifting comments on the hearts.


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