Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ideas on a Silver Platter

I know, it's been over a week since the last SmileFest post (go here and here if you missed the last posts), but I have been working on something of my own and it kept me from the computer. I was also out of town hanging out with my mom after she had surgery. Okay so Krista is dishing these ideas on a silver platter, not sure how to help in the community?! Well here ya go...

SmileFest is fully supported by donations that are generated through
bake sales, fundraising events such as cleaning the Pit and football stadium, silent auctions and donations from individuals throughout the community.

There are numerous opportunities for individuals, companies and/or organizations to get involved with SmileFest and help support kids in New Mexico born with a cleft and their families.

Here are 4 ways YOU can help...

Family at SmileFest
  •  Bake for upcoming bake sales 
  • Make/donate something for a upcoming silent auction please visit our website and check out our calendar for upcoming events. 
  •  If you are unsure of what to do but are moved to help and need some guidance please feel free to email me at 
  • If you are able to make a donation to SmileFest please send a check payable to : New Mexico Medical Foundation (please memo check - cleft palate fund - SmileFest) and send to : New Mexico Medical Foundation C/O NMMS Cleft Palate Education Fund ATTN: Sally Blackstad316 Osuna NE, Suite 501Albuquerque, NM 87107
Krista's son Cody

As you can see six years and five cleft surgeries later my families journey is one 
marked by much love, unexpected joy, unforeseen obstacles and victory in everyday 
challenges. I can only hope that my son Cody’s smile and our families journey has 
inspired you with not only the desire to support SmileFest but to also live each day to it’s 
fullest and to plant seeds of love, joy, hope and smiles wherever your road travels!
SmileFest at Balloon Fiesta Park 2012
Thank you for this opportunity to share my story. 

Chatting with one of the Doctors at SmileFest after he got out of the dunk tank :)

Please do something! Plan right now the way that you will help SmileFest. Follow up reading this post with some kind of action, whether that's writing on a sticky note to have a family meeting to plan how your family will help or setting up a reminder in your phone, SOMETHING! Don't just assume that the other people who read this will be doing something, if we all assume that then nothing will happen.
Magic Show

Summer is upon us and what a great way to spend time with your kids, baking, learning how to make something that can be donated and sold at auction. Starting a coin jar just for SmileFest. Teaching them to work by helping clean the PIT etc. Or next time your paying bills send a little money to SmileFest.

Be inspired, but don't let that feeling fade follow it up with action! 

All our love, 

DeAnn & Krista

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