Dish & Serve (recipes & service)

Welcome! If you are looking for a fun and satisfying way to serve others, search no more! We are looking for people interested in making a delicious recipe, giving it to someone, and then telling us about the experience. Contact Cami at 

How Dish & Serve works

1. Make a recipe you love 
2. Deliver the dish to someone (you love, you don't know, you want to know, etc.)
3. Send me an email including: a photo, the recipe, an explanation of who you took the dish to and why, and a link to your blog (if applicable)

 Best ever chocolate chip cookies

 Chocolate-dipped oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

 Raisin pie

 Peach crostata

 Cream puffs (with the simplest & best filling)

 I appreciate you "a latte"

 Tired food cakes (for those who don't cook)

Fiesta Chicken Burritos

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