"When I first heard about the SIP project, I thought it was such a great idea. I kept my eye on what she was doing, but never thought that I “had time” to do that. Well, after months of wanting to, I finally contacted DeAnn through Facebook. She asked if she could meet with me to help me come up with a service project. DeAnn and I met a few days later at a park. Even though I had never met her before, she made me feel comfortable. I could immediately tell she was a “down-to-earth” kind of person, and we just clicked. After sitting down under a tree at the park, DeAnn asked me to make a list of things I enjoyed doing, talents I had, and causes that pulled at my heart. I made a list of things such as “wakeboarding, basketball, working with kids, exercise, etc.” but was not sure how I could do service with these things. After I made my list, DeAnn asked me to star the thing I enjoyed the most on my list. She then helped me come up with a service project, basing it off of what I enjoyed doing. I was amazed at how easy the process was. I had always thought of service as volunteering at a soup kitchen or doing yard work for someone, but DeAnn helped me realize that service can come in many forms, and even better, it can be based on doing something we actually enjoy and using the talents that we have. Service does not have to be a “rigid” process, but can be flexible and enjoyable. I was impressed with DeAnn’s creativity, passion, and desire to help others. She made the process easy and well… painless. Thanks DeAnn!" 
- Linda Sloan

"Meaningful service does not have to cause a huge burden! When I decided to participate in the SIP project, I was so glad that DeAnn had created such a wonderful idea to use the talents we already have. I was inspired by her desire to use her photography talent to help others and help others use their talents. It's such a beautifully simple idea.
I started thinking of what my talents were, and how I might be able to teach them or use them for a service project. At the time I was working at a high school with a swim team that needed help. I volunteered after school and ended up helping the whole season.
There are so many ways to help others. Maybe tutor once a week, create a project to help sick children, or help a friend with something they need. I would look at your talents and pick one you might want to use. I promise you will grow in the process of serving others and feel good about paying it forward. Plus DeAnn will take lovely pictures... it's such a great idea! I'm so glad I was able to help get the project going in a small way. Get out there and serve, it's fun!" - Cami Showley

"I have participated in DeAnn’s fabulous SIP project a few times, and each time has been wonderful! They have been both exciting, and fulfilling. The opportunity to serve others, is always a soul enriching experience, and I am grateful DeAnn encourages others to give of their time and talents, and in return, provides you with a fantastic photography experience (one of her many God given talents)! In the beginning, trying to decide what projects to do can be a little bit of challenge. How can I use my talents to serve others?
When will I find the time in my busy schedule? But DeAnn is super helpful in helping you come up with ideas, that YOU will enjoy! I found that because I served in ways that I knew would uplift others, and also used my talents, finding the time was easy! I can say that my view on service has not always been the most upbeat, but through serving in the SIP project, I learned how much fun it can be! Besides feeling good about what you have done, you then get to have a fun photo shoot with DeAnn! I think she creates the perfect balance, of fun, relaxation, and professionalism. Each time she has taken pictures of me I feel confident in her work, and know I will love the results." - Brittney Griffith Kohl

"I am busy, and I know that I am not alone. I often think that I just don't have time to add one more thing, one more obligation, to the list. What, with school, kids, jobs, church activities, sports…I'm exhausted just thinking about my to do list. How can I possibly fit in more service? Enter the SIP project. Seriously, if you want an excuse to continue doing nothing, stay away from SIP. Because SIP makes it so, so easy to do something nice for others and earn something in return. I've been lucky enough to participate twice in this amazing project. My family picked service projects that were easy to accomplish, but also made a difference in our own lives. We worked together to improve our community and we were rewarded with amazing, candid, beautiful pictures. My kids got to see how important it is to make time to serve. Even if it's small. And, as a parent, what better lesson can I teach my kids than to appreciate the world we live in and pass on that gratitude through service? Plus, we got great pictures! DeAnn is an amazing photographer who works really hard to keep the experience relaxed and natural. As a result, we look like ourselves - but from all the right angles. I could not be happier with the result of our service and our pictures and we definitely plan to participate in the project again." - Sarah Tario

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  1. I love that my sister has a knack for personalizing service...I love that so many people have responded positively to it :)


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