Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Potted Love, Mums the Word!

As I walked into Wal-Mart to do my grocery shopping a few days ago the first thing I saw were a big stand of these pretty mums. And then I saw the price, 96cents! So I bought 10 I would have gotten more, but I still needed to fit groceries in my cart. You could maybe buy two bokeh of flowers for $10.

I asked people on The SIP Project Facebook page if we should take them to strangers in some parking lot or to people we know, the consensus was strangers. After school my daughter had piano lessons and then we headed out to give away the flowers...uh, we didn't get far haha, we know the lady across the street so I waited in the van with babycakes and they took them to her, but she wasn't home though her husband was. I told them there was an elderly couple who lives here (house in the pic below) and they were adamant about giving them flowers too. They stayed outside the door and chatted for about 10mins until I called them back because the baby was getting fussy. Then we went to the Smith's parking lot and what do you know one of the first people we saw was the lady who wasn't home, and her husband had already called her, she gave the kids hugs and seemed touched; I include this because see what 96cents can do :) We were there about 15mins just outside the doors. I told my kids what to say, something like "this is a random act of kindness, here are some flowers for you." It'as always interesting what peoples response is, some try and avoid eye contact because they think you are selling something and just try and get past you. One lady did and I kinda laughed that she was trying really hard to not look at someone who was really close to her, but once I said "this is a random act of kindness here you go" you could tell she was shocked and she happily took the flowers. It was neat to have a few people we gave flowers to stop and chat for a minute about it, or just stand a little stunned, but clearly in a state of surprise and shock at what just happened. I didn't take any pictures of the kids at Smiths I wish I had, but I was trying to coral them and hold a baby.

Here are the printables I made. You can cut them to whatever size you want. I used double sided tape to put them on the pots. 

Print here I also hope you'll take a second and share this post on Pinterest or Facebook.

It's true that you'll never know the majority of the time what effect your acts of service have on others and really it doesn't matter, you start the ripple and that's the important part. The effect could go something like this, you give flowers to a mother who then doesn't yell at her son, the son then isn't grumpy from being yelled at and he helps littler brother with his homework and on and on. So go throw a few rocks in your pond and start some ripples in your community. 

Scatter Sunshine!

- DeAnn :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dish Out Some Lunch Box Note Love!

My little man just started kindergarten and so now I have two kids in school. I miss them, but it's also nice to have lots of quite time with baby cakes. I saw lunch box notes on Pinterest and thought what a great and simple way to show these little turkeys I love them mid way through their day. Not sure if I am going to give them one everyday or just do give them one about two times a week. I will also just print enough out for the year, cut them out and have them ready to go. After looking at lots of lunch box notes I created two, to fill the gap I saw and put them in categories. Also don't you think some lunch box note love is in line for your spouse?! Interested in a post like that?

Make them laugh!

Print these here. You can find more here and here don't forget here while you're at it here.

Lunch box laughs free printables... cute!
Yep you need more of these here and here are a slew too.

Encourage & Uplift!

Print these here. Below is one I made. I didn't see any blank ones, I suppose you could just use a post it note or something, but what's more important is the idea of sharing something uplifting and encouraging. I plan on sharing scriptures and quotes using the blank one here.
Play on Words!

 Uh... here and don't forget this one

                     Cute printable notes for kids' lunch boxes!
Find the above here. And some here...

Fill in the Blank & Writing Prompts!

lunch notes
Find these here, here

I also felt there was a gap here. Who doesn't love a heart felt message?! Silliness is fun, but heart felt is needed too. Find the above here. I would also suggest using the blank notes to come up with your own writing prompts.

Uh...Misc? ;)
I told my kids I put a magic spell on their banana's hehe, may as well do things like this when they are young. If you want to skip the notes all together chalk board paint is a fun solution!
                    Lunch Box with Chalkboard. I want to get this for my future husband one day and write sweet notes that he can read at lunch when at work. :)Lunchbox Love Notes on a Banana Peel, Scratch a message and by lunch time it turns brown

                   Don't forget the holidays! This Valentines day printable prints all on one sheet.
                          free printable valentine lunch box notes |

I love this idea! Though buying prints isn't very economical for me, I think I will just try printing photos out and writing on them. I think this will be my daughters favorite and the writing prompt "When you were a baby you..." Which one do you think your kids will enjoy most???

DIY back-to-school lunchbox notes | Carrie Ryan for Camille Styles

Hope you print them out and I hope to be making a habit of doing this real soon!

Scatter Sunshine!

-DeAnn :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Do You Want to get to Know Your Kids Teachers Better? Then Use This Fun Teacher Survey!

I don't know why I didn't think of this before! It would have been so nice to know this stuff when we brought stuff for my daughters teachers in the past. Live and learn I suppose. Service Beans is going to continue at the school (though I have passed the torch onto someone else who is pretty darn terrific I might add) I think this sheet will be a fun way for my daughter wait I have two kiddos in school now, still getting used to that! Anyway, it will be a good way for them (and me) to get ideas on how they can earn some Service Beans. Armed with good information we'll be able to do some thoughtful and fun things for them through out the year. Anyone have a Pinterest board dedicated to teacher gifts? If you do let me know so I can follow it!

I hope you find this sheet helpful and while you're here I also hope you'll take a sec and pin it or share it on Face Book or somsing :)

Scatter Sunshine!


Go here to print the Teacher Survey

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Our Favorite Summer Drink a Fun Twist on Sharing Goodies!

We have been loving stirring up yummy combinations for our drinking delight this summer. Creamy raspberry lemonade has been our favorite though and the one we choose to share with someone nearby and the one I want most especially to share with you too. I started a Pinterest board with non-alcoholic summer drinks. It's so much fun to create fun drinks and a fun spin on taking someone goodies! Short on time, but have someone on your mind?! Well taking someone a summery drink is the perfect thing I think! It's much quicker to make a drink then to bake or cook something, but still has the same effect of bringing food. I bought the pitcher at Wally World and then wrapped the ribbon around the pitcher with the paper straws. I just put plastic wrap on the top and we didn't have any spills transporting it.

         Creamy Raspberry Lemonade Recipe
  • 1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice or from concentrate
  • 1½ cups sugar
  • 1½ cups half n half (half n half makes everything better)
  • 5 cups water
  • 1 small package of raspberries
  • 2 tsp. pure vanilla extract

InstructionsPuree raspberries and 5 cups water using a blender. Strain the puree through a strainer and into pitcher. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir. I wouldn't keep it in the fridge for over a week, but chances are it will be gone shortly after you make it haha. Make it like this once and see how you can tweak it to your taste. 

Summer is quickly fleeting and I hope you will take the time to mix this drink up for yourself and someone else!

Scatter sunshine my friends!

-DeAnn :)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Overcoming Rejection

"Are you okay?" Jake asked me several times in varying ways within about 15 minutes. The truth was I had felt rejected, but I knew it was probably just me overreacting. I don't feel like I have had a handle on my emotions like I normally do, so I figured I should just say, "Yeah, I'm fine" and then try and get a handle on it. I have a hard time burying my emotions or pretending they don't exist, really I just can't do those things. If I feel rejected or upset I want to discuss it, but don't always know how to get the process started. Yes, we've been married nearly 10 years and even though I know he can't read my mind, I kinda want him to occasionally, but expecting him to just leads to more frustration, uh duh. 

I felt like I was going to cry so to keep the tears in I went out in the front yard. As I looked at some tender young plants to see how they were fairing, it suddenly dawned on me as I stood there in the yard. Actually I wouldn't have reached the coming conclusion by myself. I'm too dense, lol. I needed a little whisper of a tender mercy from my Heavenly Father. "Look around. You are surrounded by things your husband has done for you, just you, because he loves you. These are not projects he did for himself, but you." It softened my heart and a realized as I looked around the yard it was true! How could I be mad or doubt for one second this mans' love for me?! It's evident that anyone willing to spend so much time doing things for someone else's projects that they don't want done for themselves must really love that :) 

It started with the chicken coop, when the heavy wood crate it was started from was loaded in our truck at my parents house and taken home. To the chain link fence now surrounding the coop. A solution he came up with himself after the coop pen (which he made) was broken into by dogs on several occasions and which he fixed each time until this solution was come to and is now dog proof. Ha! Take that stupid neighbor dogs! To the countless times he has asked me " have you fed the chickens today?" and the countless times I have answered back "no" and he then feeds them without out whining or fuss. Chickens he doesn't even really want, he just knows I want them. 

Then there's the chairs on the porch. I told him I wanted nice chairs to put on the porch for Mother's day. It was one of the ideas I threw out, the others had to do with photography...go figure. He took the sad but neat metal chairs already there and spent several hours sanding them down and painting them as well as bought cute outdoor cushions for them. I am glad he chose this gift to give because I have enjoyed the hours spent on the porch with him in the evenings. 

I bought 6 plants and asked him to dig holes and plant them for me, cause I was feeling huge and preggers and not up to digging holes and sitting on the ground trying to plant them. It'll take 15 minutes she said. Nope! More like 45 minutes or more. He did it and now they are all doing well minus one which promptly died the next day. Pssh! I didn't want you anyway cilantro! 

What the heck are the straw bales all about?! Well, one is for the chicken hutch, the other four were for trying out straw bale gardening which would have happened if my body hadn't decided to flip out and have a baby 4 weeks early. He went and bought them and brought them home; another thing I couldn't do. Yeah he wouldn't mind having a garden, but he knows it's what I wanted. His ideal garden is one made up solely of corn, lol. You don't need straw bales for that. 

Last, but not least is the wood pathway, a project also interrupted by baby coming early. The pathway that was there was made of brick but was really narrow and bland. I asked him to cut down some dead trees on the property and make this pathway which he started and is going to look fantastic when done. 

I had stepped outside to calm down and when he joined me a few minutes later he finally pushed me to tell him what was bothering me and all was well in just a few short minutes. Clearly I'm not great at hiding my feelings and he knows sometimes I need to be pushed a little to start talking.  When I let it out I kept telling him, "I'm sorry your wife is a hormonal mess." He kept saying stuff like, "It's okay to be a little crazy. You just had a baby" and other loving and encouraging words. At the time, the idea of being surrounded by his apparent love for me was just enough for me to take my craziness down a few notches. To know if we didn't end up talking about it, I would be okay not saying anything because how can I doubt his love? I can't! It's everywhere I look. As I have taken time to ponder this lesson, I am truly grateful for it. I know we are constantly surrounded by Gods obvious love for us. This world is beautiful, but does it have to be? No, I am sure it would still serve the same purpose if it were dull looking, but He made it beautiful and diverse for our enjoyment and as a manifestation of His love for us. How often am I so caught up in me that I stop seeing His love all around me. From this beautiful world to a body that recovered from HELLP syndrome, priesthood blessings that have given so much comfort and guidance, to healthy happy kids, to little things, if I look around me I can't help but see a continuous onslaught of His love for me. It got me wondering, if my husband were to look around our house, would he see manifestations of my love for him? This question applies to everyone we love. I am humbled by my husbands love for me, and wanted to write this to show him I am grateful for him, to say I am sorry I take you for granted at times and just want more and more from you and don't always take the time to show you my love. You are amazing and I am grateful I have you by my side for the the rest of forever.

 I don't want my loved ones to have to look hard and really think about the ways I show them my love, I want it to be in their face obvious, undeniable really and if they do some how not see it, it should be obvious enough that gently pointing it out is enough to bring them around. Serving others, putting others needs first, is one of the best ways to show our love. 
At times when I feel pushed or away or rejected for whatever reason valid or not (the workings of a crazy hormonal mind) I want to be calmed down and reeled back in by just taking a second to breathe and look around at manifestations of love which rekindle an attitude of gratitude and love which is undeniably key to happiness. Yeah that's a crazy run on sentence, but who knows how much time I have before I am summoned by the cries of my wee one.

Scatter sunshine friends!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

10 Ideas to Get You Started!

Who doesn't like lists?! For Service Beans (I will be doing posts detailing the program soon) for the past few months I have been putting a list of new service ideas on the back of the record sheets every month. At a committee meeting we were brainstorming easy ways to give students and families service ideas. One of the committee members threw out this genius idea and I have been putting a list on the back of the record sheets every month. Having a solid committee is pure awesomeness. Why it took me months to share it on here I don't know, but it finally hit me and so here ya go!

To print this page go here and don't forget to Pin it!

What I do when I print up a new record sheet is sit down with my family and we go over the list of ideas and choose what we want to do when, and put it on the calendar. Doing as part of Family Home Evening on Monday's would be great or during Family Council would be great too (check out this amazing post on family councils). It works really great to sit down and plan out what we are going to do which means most of it actually happens. It's also super fun to see what your kids want to do and their enthusiasm is contagious. If nothing else print it out and put it on your fridge. I also hope that if you like it you'll share it with others so they can catch the service bug.

One last note...The SIP Project was featured on Christi Madrid she is a vivacious and bright women (I don't think I have ever felt the need to describe someone as vivacious, but that's how I see her). I have been following her site for sometime and was honored she thought of me. She started a fantastic new series called "Light It Up". Need some sunshine?! Head on over then!

Alright my friends,

Scatter sunshine!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Simple Act of Service That Will STICK!

I hope you will take a second and pin this. Let's inspire the world!
 Once you start generating ideas on serving you can't really turn it off. Why would I want to do that anyway right?! So I got a $10 Target gift card for a something and then I didn't need it anymore so I thought "what am I going to do with it now?" I realized it would make a great random act of kindness and oh, so simple! So I took a piece of card stock wrote "Randon Act of Kindness" and used washi tape to put it on the card stock and the shelve at the store.

Don't you just love this mugshot?!

    This was my kids nearly screaming that there was a gift card and to come and get it! I quickly quieted them, but I had to do it a few times, little stinkers! They were just so excited for someone to get it they didn't want to wait! Luckily I choose a quite isle to put it on since I knew I would be snapping a few pictures so they didn't actually get anyone to come over...phew!

So just like buying flowers every time you grocery shop to take to someone this is actually even simpler, but the flower routine is still quite simple also. These are both meant to fit into your routine without making you have to go out of your way. I suggest buying the gift card on one shopping trip and making up a few cards that say "random act of kindness" to put them on and then stick them in your bag as well as some washi tape and then next time you grocery shop leave it on one of the isles you go down. Simple, simple!

Also as a follow-up I have been doing the flower routine with my kids since I did that post. It's become habit :) There are times I get the flowers put them in a vase at home and then don't deliver them to anyone. However the goal of these kinds of service ideas isn't perfection just ways of doing service that fit into life fairly effortlessly because those are the things that tend to with stand the test of time. Though I will say most of the time they do get delivered. A simple fix would be to just deliver them on my way home and not even take them home, which would then be even simpler then the gift card idea haha battle of the service routine!

Scatter sunshine my friends!