What is the SIP project?

The SIP project is about all things service it's not just a "local thing." My hope is that anyone who reads posts done about photography in exchange for a service project will be inspired and use it in their lives where ever they may be. These kinds of posts only make up a small portion of posts on this blog, though the 'What is the SIP project' page is mostly geared towards understanding the photography in exchange for a service project. If you want to know more about how The SIP project came to be visit my 'About me' page or just explore any of the pages on this blog and see what catches your eye.

I will take amazing photos of you and in exchange for this you get to create and do a service project of your choosing (following the guidelines set below of course:). If this all seems to overwhelming then don't fear, there are two packages to choose from and one of them is for you! 

                                        How do  you dream of being photographed?
In a themed shoot?
"If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you." - Fred Devito

With your family?
Package 1 - All the Small Things - In a 4 week period you will need to complete 12 acts of kindness and document them. You will also need to volunteer 3 hours at a food bank or any place that is set up for regular volunteers. If you have another idea for something else that you would like to do in place of going to a food bank etc. just run it by me. After you complete this you will get a one hour photo session and 15 edited photos on a CD. 
Package 2 Go Big or Go Home  Typically people who participate in The SIP project are people who already live service focused lives this is meant to take it up a notch. Expand your (service) horizon and push you to a new level one you will certainly be happy you reached. You will complete a 15 hour service project of your own creation (you cannot use a service project that you are already in the process of completing, or something you already do regularly). Have fun, be creative and most of all be excited!  After you complete this you will get a 2 hour photo shoot. If you need help with hair, make-up and what to wear it will be included in this package. Also included - If you would like I will sit down with you and help you figure out how to display your new photos in your home. You will receive 40 or so edited images from your photo shoot on a CD. 

If you want to participate in The SIP project or if you would rather pay for photos either way contact me at paynelessphoto@gmail

Fine Art?
Step 1 -  Come up with your service project.  If you don't have a service project in mind when you contact me we will either meet together at a park, restaurant, or chat over the phone and come up with a service project together. Which takes 20-30mins. Here is what a participant said about the process "Even though I had never met her before, she made me feel comfortable. I could immediately tell she was a “down-to-earth” kind of person, and we just clicked. After sitting down under a tree at the park, DeAnn asked me to make a list of things I enjoyed doing, talents I had, and causes that pulled at my heart. I made a list of things such as “wakeboarding, basketball, working with kids, exercise, etc.” but was not sure how I could do service with these things... She then helped me come up with a service project, basing it off of what I enjoyed doing. I was amazed at how easy the process was. I had always thought of service as volunteering at a soup kitchen or doing yard work for someone, but DeAnn helped me realize that service can come in many forms, and even better, it can be based on doing something we actually enjoy and using the talents that we have. Service does not have to be a “rigid” process, but can be flexible and enjoyable. I was impressed with DeAnn’s creativity, passion, and desire to help others. She made the process easy and well… painless. " What I truly want is for you to think about what you're passionate about because that is what you will be the most excited about it.  If what you are really drawn to and would love to find a way to use is your writing talent for example there is a way to create a service project around that, it just takes creativity and persistence in finding a way. Most people need help with this step and that's okay! Together we can figure something out. I know we all have a desire to do good and to help others but sometimes we just have a hard time making it happen. It can be intimidating. Our lives are full, and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day, I totally get it. No excuses, only solutions, that's what I tell myself on a daily basis and it definitely applies here too!

Be sure and check out my testimonials page.

Step 2 - Complete your service project  Your service project has to be done before the photo session will be done. I ask that if appropriate to please take a few photos that will go in the blog post that will be about your service project and photos.

Step 3 - Write about your experience You are welcome to look at what others have written but all that I ask is that it's written from the heart. It's a write up about what you did, why, challenges overcame etc. You are writing to encourage others to do service and for them to see what your process was like.

Step 4 - Photo Shoot  We will work together on choosing the perfect location for your family pictures whether that's in your home doing lifestyle shots, down-town, or outdoors somehwere. You will receive your photos on a CD within 4 weeks after your photo shoot. I will post a few pictures on Facebook as a teaser :)

Step 5 - Blog post  The last step is for your service project and photos to be put together in one post to inspire others.

With the love of your life?
If you have any questions or would like me to take your pictures or would like to get involved in any way please feel free to contact me at paynelessphoto@gmail.com :) If you are unsure of your talents then ask a friend or loved one. Your talents may even be happiness and enthusiasm.  I really want the SIP project to be the catalyst for you to get involved with whatever needs you see or discover as you come up with a service project. My hope is that this blog will be an inspiration not only for those who participate in this project but to anyone who looks at this site and reads the experiences of those who have participated. Service can be contagious. We always seem to find out that when we serve others what we thought would be a sacrifice is really no sacrifice at all.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you will consider participating in The SIP project.  

                  -DeAnn Payne


  1. Wow, I think what your doing is wonderful. I found you through The artsy girl connection. I was doing a Follow Linky Party and as I was commenting on her blog, I found you. I am following you two ways, Linky Tool and GFC. I too take pictures with my sister. You have inspired me to take on this challenge with my photograhpy. You are doing a great thing here.
    I'm a new blogger that blogs about crafting, sewing, photography and more and would like for you to visit if you have time.

  2. How incredible!! Love your heart to give and serve!!!

  3. Hello. I have been meaning to participate in this for some time. Sarah is an old friend of mine and she mentioned your project to me a while back. I was pregnant at the time, but now my son just turned 1 and is just starting to sleep longer than 2 hour stretches. In short, I think I could do something now. I am writing this to give myself a push to think about what service I want to do. I don't have any ideas yet, but I will start thinking about it and hope to have something picked by March. That will be my goal. Thanks for all that you do.


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