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 I have been playing with photography since before I consciously thought of it as photography. (I should post some pictures of some of the poses I made my sister and BFF do..hehe I am sure they would love that J ). I used to get the one time use cameras until at the age of 15 my mom encouraged me to buy a real camera. I bought a 35mm Pentax. I still remember that day, I bought it online from Sears…can you believe that they had the Internet back then? Yep they did. $300 later and I was snapping away. Years and a boxes full of negatives later, I reluctantly joined the digital age in 2005. The clincher for me was the amount of money I spent on film and processing.

I LOVE photography in part because it makes me slow down and appreciate what’s around me, every detail. I love that you can freeze a moment in time. Without photography you would most likely forget about that moment. However, when you see a picture it can bring back all the emotion of that moment with such clarity. You can relive everything else that was going on in your life at that moment. Pictures are memory trigger unlockers….what??? (I love Psyche alright and if Gus where saying it it would end with a “Whaat??” It only works by the way if you can hear it in your head).

I started taking photography much more seriously in 2008 when we moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. We lived there for 3 years so my husband could become a blood sucking lawyer... I think that term applies to attorneys making lots of money something we are unfamiliar with Lol. He works at the District Attorney's office in the Crimes Against Children Division and deals with the worst of our society, it's a ton of stress, little pay, but someone (shout out to him and all his awesome co-workers) has to stand up for these kids. I started a photography blog and was at the cross roads of charging a reasonable price and going for broke or simply keeping it a hobby. I had also been pondering for quite some time on how I could use my talents to give to others. I am a firm believer that we should be “anxiously engaged in a good cause” and use our talents to do so. I could not come up with a solution that I was really happy with. Nothing that I felt reached out to anyone and everyone. I was troubled by this and thought about it a lot over the course of about a year.
One day while I was sitting on the couch in peace and quite (after the kids were in bed of course) I had just closed my scriptures and started thinking about this again when quite literally the concept popped in my head. I felt complete joy and peace because I finally knew the answer. The next day I called my sister (after I had told my husband about it that night) so excited to tell her my idea and we chatted about it and she didn't think it was totally ridiculous - (my sister and my husband are my sounding boards if I didn't have them to talk to I would explode…seriously…spontaneous combustion… sssssss BANG). So now I knew what I had to do and I was at peace with it and it feels wonderful. Now back in the land of our roots, New Mexico. It has taken a while to actually get it all together but here it goes.

I am also hoping that as my kids get older I can involve them more and more and help them find ways to serve. My hope is that by creating a tradition of service in our family they will be more grounded and see that the world does not revolve around them. I believe that this can be mostly avoided by having them realize the diverse hardships of others and the joy of serving. The result of this service will be what I like to call a “perspective shift” when were able to look past our own noses and broaden our view and take opportunities to serve and be there for others. By broadening their view they can avoid most of the pitfalls of a life lived in selfishness. Just think of what can happen and how it will shape the future if we were to get all our little ones involved in service. They do not seem to see the challenges we do and their optimism is inspiring. This also holds true for the youth, they could really be more of a force for good in this world, so let’s get them involved in the process.


  1. DeAnn, I really want to tell you that you are amazing. To give of your talent in return for people to give service and share their talents, It is a great thing that you are doing.

  2. OH.MY.GOSH....Psyche is my favorite show!!!! You are fabulous. :)


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