Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kindness Elves Not Just A December Thing!

The kindness elves are just what we needed in this house right now! After sicktober and the Holidays that were busy and not filled with much service, which isn't how I would want them, but that's how it played out this year. I just couldn't seem to get back on track after the month that shall not be named.

 However even though they didn't go as planned I learned a valuable lesson in December. Which is that no matter how crazy busy I am I can still feel the Christmas spirit. I kept thinking I had to have lots of down time for some reason. I learned that's not true instead I utilized those in between moments and would do something that would help me focus on my Savior and it made all the difference. Simple things often do make the all the difference. It turned out that it was one of my best Decembers.
                                 Photo: The kindness elves arrived today! I used some imagination to rework the experience. I knew before December started I wanted to really make this happen, but I also knew realistically it wasn't going to happen. So to make it stress free it's happening in January and the impact will actually be greater I think. I'll be posting about it next week! What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
The kids just got their elves and are putting them on the tree so they have a good spot to watch them from. If they didn't behave until January they would leave.

I really wanted to do the Kindness Elves thing in December, but realistically I knew it wouldn't happen and I didn't want to start this unless I knew I could follow through with it. The idea came to me that I could do it in January and just say that Santa wants them to start their year off right with lots of service. Help their chances of staying on the nice list. I actually made the list of what they were going to do each day in October, but as things go for me, I picked up the list in late November and didn't like it anymore. I have to use my lists like this ASAP cause if they sit around too long I just don't like them anymore...anyone else have this weird problem?!
Make the list as simple or as involved as you want, I plan on mixing the two. I have a calendar going with everything we have going on week to week so I am really just winging it and coming up with things that will suite what we will be doing each day. If I don't have plans to be anywhere I don't want to drive somewhere just to do service because it's not just a one time thing, this is a month long thing, one day would be no big deal, but not planning it according to our schedules will just be inefficient and burn us out.

What we have done so far -
The elves came in the mail and I sent the kids outside to get wood, I opened the package and lit some matches and got rid of the evidence and when the kids came inside I said the note exploded, umm you can smell it hehe (you know like it does with spies) and this it what it said..insert whatever you want it to be. The kids thought this was super cool and were crazy excited and I didn't have to spend time writing up some elaborate note. The elves leave our house for good if the kids are super naughty by the way.
                                           Photo: I didn't get a picture of what the elves told us to do today (running out the door no time to take a nice picture the one I took was awful), but it was to make dinner for someone. We're on our way to drop it off now then headed to 4-H. The elves are so nice to have us do this on a night when we are already going to be out ;)

Here is a photo from the first day the kindness elves arrived. If you have no idea what's going on with all this be sure and take a look at the blog and get caught up :)
Day 1 the elves made the kids chocolate chip cookies and left some extras for them to give to someone else.
Day 2 nothing happened and the kids didn't notice 
Day 3 the elves were in the hall on scooter with a note (written on construction paper, in cursive so the kids don't recognize my writing) it told them how important family was and we often times forget to tell them how much we love them. The elves said to write a note to each family member in Albuquerque cousins house and to ask their mom for the supplies they'll need. We were already going to be there so this makes it convenient. I had one card for each person and we each took turns writing in it.

Since I don't have a list all made up for you to see and since I didn't post about this like I wanted to much earlier so you could do it too in January and really I don't see why you couldn't do it in February with elves with the same reasoning I used or putting a Valentines love theme spin on it. Would anyone be interested in me posting on The SIP project Facebook page what the elves do each day so you can get ideas. You could also just do some here and there and not even bring elves into until next December, if you wanted to.

Now for some links! Get ideas on Pinterest just by search terms. My Pinterest boards. The original idea for this came from a friend posting this bloggers idea to my time line in 2013. I bought elves here. And if you want to follow along and see what we do each day go here!

It's funny after having a baby I find myself keeping things to essentials, so if you are looking for cute printables just type in Kindness Elves on Pinterest and you'll find all kinds of stuff. I hope you'll follow along on Facebook hopefully find a way to spin it in a way that works for you and yours.

Looking for a legit way to help somone...
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Scatter sunshine!


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