Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Potted Love, Mums the Word!

As I walked into Wal-Mart to do my grocery shopping a few days ago the first thing I saw were a big stand of these pretty mums. And then I saw the price, 96cents! So I bought 10 I would have gotten more, but I still needed to fit groceries in my cart. You could maybe buy two bokeh of flowers for $10.

I asked people on The SIP Project Facebook page if we should take them to strangers in some parking lot or to people we know, the consensus was strangers. After school my daughter had piano lessons and then we headed out to give away the flowers...uh, we didn't get far haha, we know the lady across the street so I waited in the van with babycakes and they took them to her, but she wasn't home though her husband was. I told them there was an elderly couple who lives here (house in the pic below) and they were adamant about giving them flowers too. They stayed outside the door and chatted for about 10mins until I called them back because the baby was getting fussy. Then we went to the Smith's parking lot and what do you know one of the first people we saw was the lady who wasn't home, and her husband had already called her, she gave the kids hugs and seemed touched; I include this because see what 96cents can do :) We were there about 15mins just outside the doors. I told my kids what to say, something like "this is a random act of kindness, here are some flowers for you." It'as always interesting what peoples response is, some try and avoid eye contact because they think you are selling something and just try and get past you. One lady did and I kinda laughed that she was trying really hard to not look at someone who was really close to her, but once I said "this is a random act of kindness here you go" you could tell she was shocked and she happily took the flowers. It was neat to have a few people we gave flowers to stop and chat for a minute about it, or just stand a little stunned, but clearly in a state of surprise and shock at what just happened. I didn't take any pictures of the kids at Smiths I wish I had, but I was trying to coral them and hold a baby.

Here are the printables I made. You can cut them to whatever size you want. I used double sided tape to put them on the pots. 

Print here I also hope you'll take a second and share this post on Pinterest or Facebook.

It's true that you'll never know the majority of the time what effect your acts of service have on others and really it doesn't matter, you start the ripple and that's the important part. The effect could go something like this, you give flowers to a mother who then doesn't yell at her son, the son then isn't grumpy from being yelled at and he helps littler brother with his homework and on and on. So go throw a few rocks in your pond and start some ripples in your community. 

Scatter Sunshine!

- DeAnn :)

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