Friday, December 30, 2011

Cookie party!!!

oh...and I forgot to add M&M's to the list.

I had the paper plates for them to take cookies on to whoever they were going to drop them off to. 
I also had cute plates for them to put their cookies on to take home as their party favor.

We had a good time watching the kids decorate their cookies. Especially my niece Emma her cookie is the one pictured at the top. Most of the kids decorated quite a few cookies and I think she did 3 but with enough frosting for a dozen cookies. I wish I would have taken a group shot of them all decorating cookies but I was too busy talking it up with the other moms. There were just a few stragglers when I finally started taking pictures the rest were off playing.

My tired little two almost three year old Russel
(yes it's spelled with one L. We couldn't afford the other L ;)
He was exhausted and upset about everything. He dumped a whole jar of sprinkles on two of his cookies which made him really cry and then I gave him another jar of sprinkles and then he was content. He totally crashed hard about 30 minutes later. Cute little crazy boy.

The kids had a blast and the moms had a good time chatting. An all around good time and an easy way to fit in a little service.

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