Saturday, December 31, 2011

The power of thought & give away

 I am starting a series of posts with the hope of generating a little discussion. I want these short posts to be an opportunity for me and you both to stop and pause from our hectic life's. Just take a moment to reflect on the question and if you have any thoughts or feelings you would like to share that would be awesome!

I found this picture on Google images and the site it was on had a good short article on the power of thought.

I will also be making quotes to go along with the topic of my question. Please feel free to take them and use them, but of coarse if you're putting it on another site just give The SIP Project credit for making it.  If you would like me to e-mail (as an attachment) you one of these quotes let me know, I would be happy to. Oh... and which one do you like better?

 How does controlling your thoughts relate to being a charitable and positive person or influence? 

Here's the thing if we want to be positive and see positive changes around us and in our communities it starts with us. It starts small and it takes a conscious effort. It takes a lot of effort at first but the more we practice the better we become at it. I truly feel that if we have a hard time seeing the good in those we are around most or have a hard getting along with those we around most making changes on a larger scale will not be as easy or as natural. It starts in the home and in the natural flow of things it won't be able to  be contained it our homes it will flow outward to the other parts of our lives. 

I don't know if I am making sense to anyone but myself but I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on the matter. 

I have also been thinking it's time for a give away. Since I am kicking of this series of posts I think it appropriate to giveaway one of my favorite books. James Allen's book As a man thinketh. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment about the above question. The winner will be announced January 7th.


  1. Never read this one, miss D! Sounds like a good one...I was just reading the first presidency message and it had to do with this as well... A great message for the new year. I can always tell the days when I focus on the positive and the days that I feel like everything sucks (c: love all these quotes, girl! Hope your year has started off fantastic!

  2. Love this post! It took me days to get through the 'short article' I just left in the background of my computer so that I could eventually get through it a paragraph at time. I loved it when I got the paragraph about taking 10 minutes a day to meditate and think about your thoughts! If I'd done that to begin with I'd have finished the first day! :) Meditation or scripture study is one of the best things for emotional well-being. It reduces blood pressure, reduces anxiety, and puts things in perspective, etc.

    I have a great example in my great grandmother about being a happy and charitable person. My great grandmother NEVER said an unkind thing about anyone! When others would say someting unpleasant about someone or something in her presence she made a point to say something positive about the situation or person. I think that by controlling her own negative thoughts she felt more charity for others around her.

    (I love the first quote--thanks!)

  3. I have heard: "You are what you think". If your thoughts are positive and you strive to fill them with the light of Christ then you are motivated to be the example of Christ. You have greater tendencies to be charitable, kind, compassionate, loving, forgiving, optomistic, etc. you also have the eternal perspective and motivation to use your Christ centered thoughts to influence others positively.

    (i like the first quote)

  4. Aubrey, I haven't cracked open this months Ensign yet, I am still reading the Conference issue, so good for you!
    Stacey, I started these posts not sure if it would make a difference for me but it has, I was thinking about your Grandma off and on all day. I think that at the root of being negative is really just a lack of self-worth and understanding who you are. Absolutely! Scripture study and prayer are essential for a happy life. Since we have moved out here I have enjoyed driving more it gives me more time to think.
    Jan, You are what you think, you are what you eat. Your a good example of that...remember the girl who asked you what church you went to at JoAnns? All because she saw your light.

    Thanks for all your comments ladies!!!


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