Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SIP Summer Camp - Father's Day

Father's day is Sunday and well since I don't plan a head super well for the blog (I have tons of ideas written down but have a hard time staying ahead) I thought why not start our SIP Summer Camp off by doing something for dear old dad. This post will take a few minutes to read not the normal 90 seconds but I promise it will be worth your time.

What is SIP Summer Camp? It's an opportunity for me and you to teach our kiddos how to serve others. Every week this summer there will be a post on a service project you can do with your kids while they are on summer break. There is no commitment. You just do as many as you can. I am not trying to overwhelm you with one more thing; no guilt, just do what you can! Some peoples summers are crammed. Look on the bright side: the ideas are just ready for you to apply; a lot of the work has been done already. Summers can get kinda crazy but since I have my daughter home all day I thought what a great opportunity to teach her hands on service. During the school year on our drive to school I talked to her a lot about finding ways to do kind things for people around her and quite frankly I have no idea if it helped. Was it just lip service? I wasn't doing anything with her actively, I mean I do nice things for others pretty consistently and she sees some of it but a lot of the time I don't think she really gets what I am doing and why. We have to set an example but if we don't let them know what we are doing and get them in on it they may end up resenting all those cookies you make and don't let them eat because they are for such and such. Again this is a way to engage your child or children in service in the most meaningful way. After this SIP Summer Camp is over I wonder how it will affect them and it will be neat to see the positive changes in not just my kids but our family.

This may seem a little bit of a lack luster start but really it's all about just getting your kid to think of Dad and how they can serve him in meaningful and fun ways. Ways that show thought and love and are just plain fun. If you are looking for some last minute ideas then this is the way to go, you don't have to get anything fancy to do this and most importantly it's fun and meaningful.

                    Here are several ways to make Father's Day a success!

1) Service with a smile...serve dad by putting a smile on his face. He will get some good chuckles out of it too. I came up with the questions and my Sis Amy made it super cute! I would love for you to come back and comment and tell us what silliness your kids said in response to one of these questions. My daughter put down "apples and pineapples are dad's favorite foods because they rhyme." Way out of left field...more like pork chops and ice cream. Click to download and print.

2) I am sure we have all done some kind of coupon book before but were they really meaningful? If you know someone then you can sit down and take some time to think about what they will actually want and use. If you do this they will really know you gave it some thought who wants a coupon book with random crap that they don't care about or they don't feel applies to them. If you kids get stumped or start throwing out random stuff that you know hubs won't care much about, Mom start asking questions. If you know your husband hates it when the kids are fighting when he gets home from work then ask them "what does Dad hate when he gets home from work and you kids are doing?"
 = Coupon for  an immediate cease fire, all parties must retreat to designated demilitarized zone. Why not make it fun and witty? I am sure older kids will have fun with this! You could also throw in that all parties must when presented with coupon start singing kumbaya. Another example, Dad has a job where he stands all day and comes home with sore feet = Coupon for 30min foot massage 10min by each kid. Here is one I know my hubs would love, a Coupon for a 10min back scratch from each kid. 
This is a super cute printable you can always let your little artist make their own but this is just another option and an especially good one in a crunch.

Daddyland Coupon Book

Got a Father with a sweet tooth??? This would also be super fun and easy to make for a last minute Father's Day gift. 

3) Father's day gift. Here's the deal, I LOVE buying presents for people especially on their Birthday because it has been my experience that the older one gets the less people make a fuss about their Birthday and Father's Day doesn't seem to be any different. Surely you see that what I mean by this is people don't always put much thought and love into what they do for someone else on their day. Well I just LOVE getting people gifts period. There is something fun about surprising someone with something they wanted but didn't know anybody else knew they did, or getting something that suits them perfectly and wont' just sit in the closet because they feel bad throwing it away or re-gifting it. Sure you can get someone something they have been broadcasting that they want, which I would recommend getting them if you can but if you aren't sure, here are my tricks for getting the perfect gift.
1. LISTEN. Yep, I know! People will tell you what they want, need, and enjoy if you listen to them and talk about something besides yourself. Don't get me wrong I do have to give it thought. If you are thinking they haven't told me anything, um...yes they have you just need to take some time to think about it. If you do, I promise you will remember something they have said or come up with the perfect gift based on their interests and personality. Sometimes the perfect gift is obvious but the majority of the time it takes some real thought but there is some real joy in arriving at the perfect gift. If you have really listened to them in your conversations then they may have a need and you may know of the perfect gift that will be the solution to their need or problem.
2. Listen
3. Listen

This is a great opportunity to talk with your children and see if they really know dad and what he likes and is interested in. If you see that your kids really have no idea. Help them by leading them with questions this will help get them thinking and keep them from giving up and just buying Dad a hammer for the 5th year running. Maybe you realize your family needs more quality time together? Don't be discouraged if you do, no family is perfect.

How is this service? Well women who are reading this has your hubby or boyfriend or friend ever given you a gift that said you could only know I wanted this because you listen to me :) *Que heart skipping a beat and love increasing dramatically.* Service is love. When you love someone you listen and when you listen and take the time to think about it you can give good knocked it out of the ball park gifts. Getting your kids to think of others in a deeper way is teaching them to think about someone else's needs and wants and what will make someone else happy. It will help them see that by putting someone else's needs and wants before their own makes them happy.

Can't afford the gift that would really blow dad's socks off? It's not to soon to think about next years gift.  I mean come on, it's already June people! So let's say you have 3 kids 12,15,17 and Mom of course. You put together a secret jar somewhere hidden like a geocaching (some where safe) and when you have some cash deposit it in the jar. You all sacrifice - The selfless good deeds for others or a short term loss in return for a greater gain to get the amount you need for this gift, i.e 'doing without something' or 'giving something up' to get that 50'flat screen . Imagine Dad's surprise next year when you present him with this gift and you tell him you all sacrificed to save all year long for it. This has some serious potential to bring your family together, just think about it! Include everyone in the brainstorming session and understanding that this will mean sacrifice on everyone's part like maybe not getting that new pair of heels you have had your eye on. Or your son not getting the top of the line phone so he can put $100 bucks in the jar. It won't be a hard sacrifice if you keep thinking about how happy Dad will be when he gets his gift.

4) Talk to your children about finding ways to serve Dad. Think about his daily tasks and challenges. Dad normally takes out the trash before he goes to work. He goes to take out it and it's already done. Maybe you know of a few tasks around the house that Dad has been meaning to get to and you take them off the list for him. What Dad wouldn't go for his favorite dessert being made by his adoring kiddos? What parent isn't filled with love and happiness when their child does something thoughtful for them or another family member?! To bring in some extra accountability have the kids present dad with this certificate of continuing stealthy service. I came up with the idea for this certificate but wasn't sure how to make it and what to say so I asked my Sis Amy and boom! Isn't it dang cute! What are you waiting for? Print it out already! Click to download.

This card deck of reasons why I love you would also be a great gift but one I think to be truly heartfelt would be best started now for next Fathers day, if it's all coming from one person. If it's between 4-5 people then coming up with 10 or so reasons each should be quite easy. You would definitely need to make sure the reasons are different. I am sure there will be some overlapage in reasons in which case it would be good to give an example for the reason why you love him. If more then one participant then put names on each card.


I hope you have make it a special Father's Day for any special men in your life!

I hope you will be joining us week to week for Service Is Painless Summer Camp. 

I think I have said this a million times I want you to participate in this blog by leaving comments or throwing out ideas you would love to see done. Coming back and commenting after you have done something from the blog.  I put a lot of work and love into these posts and it's just nice to know someone is getting something out of them. Oh...I think I hear the worlds tinniest violin playing, I guess that's my que.

Have an awesome day!


  1. Oh D...You might have just saved my bacon with this! We've been so swamped with this wedding, poor Father's Day has really taken a back seat! I am totally in love with those little ticket printables (c;

  2. Love all these wonderful ideas!!!!

  3. so many SENSATIONAL ideas!!!!! i can't wait to see all your wonderful KINDNESS ideas this summer--- my kinda summer camp! keep up the GREAT and CREATIVE work!!!! xoxoxoxo


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