Friday, December 9, 2011

12 days of Christmas project

12 Days Of Christmas Advent Calendar
I can't believe it's Friday! I am pretty sure I got abducted by aliens or something, cause dang! What happened to the time? I can't seem to account for it all.

Originally I wanted to do a service advent calendar but then I got sucked into a time warp and there just weren't enough days left to do it. So I changed it to a 12 days of Christmas service...service just doesn't fit into the title as neatly as it does with advent calendar. Ok I thought I was original with this idea, I'll give you a second to laugh...So I quickly realized this was not an original idea dreamed up by yours truly. But you know what, that's great, I am glad others are thinking along the same lines. A week ago I was perusing Pinterest when my bubble was burst and I saw a pin for this jar. I am sooo happy I found it though because I only came up with about 20 ideas during Thanksgiving and she has 50 listed on her blog. It's a great post about the idea behind why she choose to do a service focused 12 days of Christmas. I will just say that if you're truly trying to find that sometimes elusive Christmas spirit the easiest way to find it and bask in it's warmth is to use your time doing good for others. The Grinch says it best "Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more." My goal this Christmas season; to spend TIME and have fun with my family while bringing a little joy to others. I know my kids will forget about what they got for Christmas a few months from now but they won't forget the feeling of doing something for someone else.

I wanted to make something simple and cute. Here's what you will need.

- 6 pairs of Christmas socks * I got mine at Target for a buck a pair. I also decided to keep them the same print but in differing sizes. Different coordinating prints would be fun too *
- Twine to hang the socks on
- Clothes pins
- I bedazzled mine with some glitter. If you want to do this you will also need modge podge and a brush.
- Paper to write or print the numbers on. Or use your Silhouette if your lucky enough to have one.

I used the tag from the socks as my template for the circles that I wrote the numbers on. I also cut a few a little smaller to spice things up a smidge.  
I kept my clothes pins all together like this and then smeared glue on all of them at the same time, Then I dumped the glitter on top of them. Much easier then doing them individually. I also let them dry for a good while. 

Okay lets get to the good stuff! Here are my ideas. I just printed them out and stuck them in the socks, I also added Hershey kisses for the kids to each sock. I would also suggest planning a bit on what days would be better for some of the service that requires a little more time and energy. So if you know that the 23rd is going to be super busy put in one of the easier ones for that day. 

1. Make dinner for a in just make doubles of what you were going to make anyway and call a friend up and say I'm bringing over dinner.
2. Put flowers in a vase and then ding dong ditch them at someones house with a kind note. * You can buy a  cute vase at Wal-mart for $2-3 also I have noticed that carnations and Azaleas last a long time and won't break the bank. 
3. Call someone you have been meaning to. *this could be tweaked to include kids*    
4. Make extras of dinner and take it to an elderly neighbor
5. Make a few goodie plates and take them to your neighbors *If you haven't meet your neighbors this is a great way to do it*
6. Have everyone write a kind note to someone and give it to them. A spouse could tuck it in a place they know their spouse will find it during the coarse of the day. Kids can take it to a friend at school or mail it off to someone farther away. 
7. Find a thoughtful way to express your love to someone. For example if your spouse or friend has an undone project they just don't seem to have the time to finish. Do it for them or help them finish it if you can't do it without their help.
8. Print out note cards that say something kind and give to anyone you see through out the coarse or your day who seems to be having a hard time. 
9. Heart attack someone. This could be changed to a Christmas themed cut out instead of hearts. If you don't know what this is, basically you cut out hearts and tape them all over a persons door with nice things written on a few. If you can get inside there house then do it in a room or door in the house. 
10. Have your kids go through their toys (gently used toys) and donate unwanted toys to a shelter or another place that may need them.
11. Make a quilt or fleece blanket and take to a homeless shelter, hospital, neighbor etc.
12. Find a way to help a military family or send box of goodies to someone who's in active military or donate to a group that will.
13. Shovel snow for someone else.

Okay so it's a start. If you have any that you would like to add to the list leave a comment or e-mail me and I will add it with your name by it. 


  1. Love this idea last year we did a countdown using socks but we put only goodies the service idea is much better and appropriate for the season...way to go Deann

  2. Gonna do this with the girls!!!


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