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Random acts of kindness - SIP Summer Camp Week 7

Week 7
Random Acts of Kindness

One of our dogs took off yesterday night we looked for her but to no avail so when we headed out the next morning to go to the hospital I was feeling kinda down and we were running late on top of it. My patience was short as my daughter kept asking questions about the dog, questions that required too much thought for my tired brain and heavy heart. We made a sprint through Sam's club to grab the candy bars and I happened to pick the cart with the squeaky wheel of course. We made it out with one item?! That has never happened before, pretty sure we broke some kind of Sam's club record. Who come's out of Sam's with only one item? Have you? It is my first time and probably my last. FYI we got 48 full size candy bars for $23. 
We did make it to the hospital on time, phew. My little turkeys outsdie of Presbryterian Hospital. Holding candy bars and little quotes on cards.

I knew I wanted to do a random acts of kindness for SIP Summer Camp but was thinking we would bake cookies and put them in cellophane bags with a nice note. I also thought we would go to an outdoor mall. Then I found this post and thought duh...a hospital. However I wasn't sure how trusting people would be of someone handing out home made cookies. It's hard to find something that appeals to everyone. Candy bars come pre-packaged, it's more of an investment money wise but easier since I don't have to actually bake anything. My SIL suggested we hand out cold water bottles too, brilliant, water appeals to everyone! Maybe you could pick a street corner by your house and hand out cold water bottles? I whipped up the cards in photo shop and we were set.

Free printables for water bottle labels and cards.
ROK cards.jpg
Water bottle lables.jpg
Yes the last quote is missing a word, whoops!

While we were waiting for everyone to get there...

 Though my heavy heartedness was lifted as we passed out our goods I just didn't feel like I was thinking super clear. I didn't take as many timely photos as I feel I normally would have. It also didn't help that I was carrying a box of candy bars, a purse on my shoulder a camera and trying to make sure we didn't lose any kids. 

My daughter with a gentlemen she gave a candy bar to. He was with a few others and they seemed to get a kick out of the kids.

Our group shot...minus a kid and one that's behind another kid.

On our way out and with the last remaining candy bars the kids passed them out to the nurses in the back ground. They also got a kick of the kids running back and forth to grab more candy bars for them.

 As me and the other moms were chatting my son went up to Shirley the women in the picture below and started talking to her. She asked what we were doing there and she was very touched by our service. As we talked more we found out that she volunteers at the hospital in the pediatric wing before we knew it we were headed up to the pediatric wing for a tour. She had been bringing stuff up to the wing from her car.

She took us to Rachel's Court a play area for the kids. Before it was built there was no place for patients to play at the hospital. I had a great conversation with one of the workers, not sure what her title was, I cant' remember which I know is totally lame. I guess what stood out most in our conversation as I asked her about the needs they have was that she wished people volunteered there all year long. While they are grateful for all the volunteers during the holidays there are kids at the hospital all year long.

 Shirley gave all the kids a toy. Me and the other moms protested but she wouldn't have it.

                               She also took the kids to feed the fish. Me with my son Russel.

A few things to think about before you set out to do your random acts of kindness.

1. Talk to your kids about what you are doing and why. When we were sitting down outside waiting a couple approached us and asked if were were selling candy bars. They offered to give us money and when more people asked when I wasn't around my daughter would take their money. I didn't think about people offering to pay. It would have been bad timing to try and explain it as she has money in her hand in the midst of all of us handing out candy etc. 

2. When kids walk up to people with a candy bar and a little card people automatically assume you are selling the candy not giving it to them. I would tell them it's a random act of kindness, take it it's free. About a quarter or just under that of people would say no thanks. Some people don't know how to respond to kindness, don't be put out by that. The majority of people were very happy though.

3. The kids wanted to give most everyone candy, water, and a granola bar. My thinking is to spread it out. So whatever approach you want to take make sure the kids are on board. Kids are very naturally giving. All I am saying is talk to them about how much to give each person it's much easier to do it before hand then when it get's started.

4. Plan of attack. I didn't give any thought to who we would give it to. Except that we wouldn't go in to any patient rooms. As we were in the basement waiting for the elevator Stacey said "If I were in medical records, I would want a candy bar." Think about who works at a hospital and who you may want to single out. People stuck in the basement in medical records, janitors, nurses, volunteers. It would have been wise to think about that before hand. Glad Stacey was thinking!

This would be super easy to do on the fly. Pick up candy, water or whatever and start handing it out some place. Really not much planning involved. We will be doing this again in a week or two at a cancer treatment center. We had 3 families who couldn't come do to illness and scheduling conflicts. I feel very grateful to Misty and Stacey for coming with me this week for our ROAK. They are both incredible women, I really just adore them.

I would love to see any pics you take as you go out and do your RAOK or from any other post. Upload them to my Facebook page! I have really enjoyed my Face Book page more and more lately! It's a great way to interact with you and a way for me to share bits and pieces that I don't share on my blog. 

Also if you scroll to the top of my blog you will see that I added a way for you to follow by e-mail. 

I am thankful for everyone and their support of The SIP project, it's a work of love.

So you may be wondering about my dog. We found her but she has some spinal trauma. Our best guess is from being hit by a car. The vet injected the area with steroids and if she doesn't get movement back in her hind legs we will have to put her down. So, I am writing this post with a heavy heart today. My heart goes out to anyone who has suffered loss and is having a hard time. Going to the hospital for some ROAK did help, you always get more out of serving then you give, funny how that works.


  1. It is interesting that your RAOK was immediately followed by the Shirley's taking you on a tour of where she serves kids in the hospital. Plus you got an idea for another service project. Pretty cool.

  2. This is the most amazing easy and really, who doesn't like chocolate??? (c; I was so sorry to hear about sweet little Happy, that stinks. I'm thinking of you guys and keeping you in my prayers, it's never fun to lose a family member )c:


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