Friday, August 24, 2012

Abandonment is a good thing

School has started...I know, this post is a little late but this is something that is fun and doestn' take much time. In fact it would be fun to have some of these supplies in the van at all times. This would be fun to do between errands, on a walk, on a trip to the park really just anytime you have a few minutes. A great way to keep kids entertained, teach them something good and can be done just about anywhere.

Week - 9 art abondonment...and bubble and seed packet abandonment.
I love this idea because when someone finds one of these it will take them out of the monotiny of life at least for a little bit anyway.

Frames (from dollar store)
Quotes printed on scrapbook paper
Sticky notes -
 to write a message on and put on the frame you leave somewhere. I wrote something like " This is an act of art abandonment and is for you, hope it brings a smile to your face, enjoy!" Something like that.
Art Abandonment is a group on Face Book, they make art and then leave it for others to find, flippin awesome right!? I joined the group and the quotes are my version of leaving art.
And just to be clear I put the frame in the middle of the flowers on top of a dead spot.

Seed packets - the printable was made by Lindsey of Hello Hydrangea a while back for a guest post she did for me and they worked great. I used normal white printing paper and heavier scrap book paper and I liked the white paper best. I taped them together and bought clothes pins at the dollar store too. I bought some native wildflower seeds at a local nursery.

Bubbles- make a simple lablel

Me and my SIL Keri headed to Nob Hill in Albuquerque I think most big towns have a Nob Hill type of neighboorhood. In Tulsa there was a place pretty much identical to it, it was kinda dejavu everytime I went there. It's the hip and trendy part of town. We also wanted to go somewhere with high foot traffic.

I was putting seeds in the seed packets as we were going, I should have had it all together before I got there. Would have been much easier. Also it would have been good for us to talk to the kids about spreading them out more. They wanted to put them out in same spots.
Free printables!!! Click print to download.
I can't make things bigger for some reason and it's driving me mad, sorry for the small pics!
Now for some a lot of photos of our excursion...

Hope you enjoyed the post! Thanks for stopping by and always know I love to hear from you!

This is the last post for The SIP summer camp. Did you all get tired of all The SIP summer camp posts? I didn't post about much else this summer becasue they are so much work to get done from doing the project to posting on the blog.

I realized the other day I hadn't asked but was secretly hoping that one of my friends would say "hey I want to get involved with The SIP project" This is a lot of work and I have so many ideas and things I want to do, like post more then once a week for instance. I realized however that instead of waiting for someone to ask if they can help I shoud throw it out there to all my friends or anyone who reads this...Do you want to get involved or know someone who would? If you want to know what "involved" means e-mail me and we can chat about it.

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