Thursday, August 30, 2012

Step away from your life

Stop ma'am! Put the computer down and step away from your life!

As I was thinking about our little trip this last week down to Lordsburg this is the visual that popped in my head. Lordsburg is 5.5 hours South of us and is so small is doesn't even merit being put on this map. It's an hour from Deming towards the AZ border. My in laws live there and have built themselves an nice home with a huge garage for dad to tinker in and a dedicated sewing room for mom. If they weren't there we would have no desire to travel to Lordsburg. I LOVE being there though only because of what it provides.
1) His parents. They are easy going and easy to get a long. This is where I would share some hilarious and cute photos of his mom enjoying being grandma but Blogger isn't letting me upload pics.
2) My favorite part is that time just seems to slip away I have no where I have to be and it's fantastic! 
3) The other reason I love to visit is because of the side effects of stepping away from the daily grind...perspective. I come home and am able to see more clearly the things I need to change in my life. I realized however this new clearer vision doesn't last but 1-3 days so unless I act on the changes right away the veil of the day to day grind slips back over my eyes. 

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Make some time to step away from your life you will be surprised at how differently you see things. If you don't have time to get away for a few days take whatever time you can and just shake things up a little to help you see things clearer. Has coming back from a trip ever promoted you to make some changes in your life?

Hope you all are having a great day! ((((Hugs))))

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  1. So very true...those times when I am able to pry myself away from the technology and just *be* always help me to re-evaluate and prioritize better! And the pics of grandma with the kiddos are *priceless*, so sweet!!!

  2. We all need time to gain perspective! But sometimes when I get back from vacation, I feel like my perspective has changed in a bad way. I feel like I have to go through detox to remember that my life is different and that my priorities are different and I can't live someone elses

  3. Just FYI, I seem to be having trouble making comments, it gets to a point where it will only let me publish, not change anything or add anything.....and when I come from Facebook, it always takes me to a map of the USA that I have to close before I can get back to your doesn't happen on the other blogs I visit, so it might be something to check out. Do you have something that is logging people's location or something? Just kind of odd and it might be slowing down traffic to the blog!


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