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9 fun and easy service projects specifically for kids

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It feels like it's been so long since it was summer already. Fall colors are everywhere to be seen and winter is nipping fiercely at it's heels. I think this winter I may invest in some snow shoes, would be a great workout. Have you ever tried it? I digress. So I was chatting with another blogger about little ones and teaching them to serve others. I then realized that when The SIP Summer Camp was over I never did a post with links for ALL the projects in one post. Which would make it a great one to pin...hint, hint, grin.

Week 1 Father's Day 
Free printables like the one below with lots of ideas on how to figure out what to get dad and how to serve him.

Week 2 Ray of Sunshine Craft
Make (or buy) a container to put cards in, fill up with cards all written to the same person. If getting a nice note on a hard day is wonderful how nice would it be to have one for a years worth (give or take) of hard days?!

Week 3 Food Bank
A group of us went to the food bank with our kids they gave us all a tour and then those 6 and up stayed with some parents to help out at the food bank for an hour and a half. Kids too young to help  went with some parents to a near by park. Food banks are in great need, donations are down but the need is way up. If you can't donate food then donate some time or vice versa.

Week 4 Super Bubble Kit
 The idea is to take these kits around to kids in the neighborhood as a boredom buster.

Week 5 Tray favors.
These are home made notes from your kids, to kids in the hospital. The notes your kids(or you) make are placed on the food trays of kids in the hospital. Contact someone at a near by hospital to make it happen.

Week 6 was a recap with a few extra links of service ideas.

Week 7 Random Acts of Kindness (Sooo much fun!)
I met up with two other moms and their kiddos. I made water bottle label printables, and printables to hand out with candy bars and granola bars. I bought a box of candy bars at Sam's Club, we went to a hospital and handed out the candy bars, water bottles and granola bars to whomever we saw. However we DID NOT go into patient rooms. There were plenty of other people there visitors, staff ect. I did not contact any one from the hospital to arrange this and it went fine.

Week 8 Puppies! Volunteer at the Humane Society.
A free printable to help you organize and get items collected from friends and neighbors that your humane society is in need of. Volunteers got to wash dogs, take them on walks and help in a few other ways.

Week 9 Art Abandonment.
We walked around a neighborhood and left seed packets full of wild flowers for people to spread as well as framed quotes and bubbles. Free quote printables. We choose a neighborhood with lots of foot traffic.

SIP Summer Camp was a blast! The kindness routine (my last post) is a good way to maintain and continue what they learned from the service projects through out the school year. I would like to do more service projects with the kiddos like this for the holidays...better get planning!

If you did any of these service projects and you have pictures be sure and post them on The SIP project Face Book page, I would LOVE to see them! 

Also if you did any of them and tweaked them let me know I would love to hear how you made them better! Oh...and don't forget to pin this post! Networking and getting my blog out into the blogosphere is a lot of work and your pinning my posts is a HUGE help and is a great service to me!

All my love,

DeAnn :)

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  1. I swear, D, you never cease to inspire/amaze me...I can't believe you guys did all this in one summer! And yup, summer seems like eons ago, especially after seeing all those gorgeous fall pics you took on Insta! (c:


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