Friday, July 20, 2012

SIP Summer Camp - week 6

I can't seem to find the right words to start this post, so let's just pretend I found words that touched your heart, made you think and gave you a good laugh, savvy?! (said in my best Capt. Sparrow voice). I photographed a wedding last weekend and have been enjoying a week to just chill. I didn't come up with a hands on project this week but have a good one in the works for next week. That's what happens when you have ideas to start a Summer Camp right as summer starts, no time to plan it all out. Just flying by the seat of my pants, nothing new here. My dedication and desire to come up with good stuff has not waned in the least. So this week I am going to pass on some links for you to check out. If you're not following The SIP project pin board on Pinterest you should cause that's where I pin service ideas and inspiring quotes like the one below.


To Fulfill Yourself | 6 Word Story

If you have missed any of the previous weeks of SIP Summer Camp...

Week one - Father's day...your gonna want to pin this printable, just sayin...

Week two - A Ray of Sunshine Craft which was featured on Craftqwaker.

Week three - Road Runner Food Bank

Week four - Supper bubble kit

Week five - Tray favors

Week 6 - links to awesomeness!

I have actually been wanting to share some links for a while, I have had this one in my back pocket and now it's time to share.
My sister sent this article to me which was taken from Family Circle Magazine. I think there will be a giveaway for a one year subscription to Family Circle Magazine in the near future.
5 Teens Who Are Making A Difference
Ritwika Mitra, Radhika Mitra  Jordan Coleman

In 2007 and 2008, Jordan was the voice of Tyrone the Moose on the cartoon show The Backyardigans. The gig earned him some extra money. "At first I wanted to spend it on clothes and sneakers," he admits. "But my parents challenged me to do something good for the community instead."

26 Reasons I feel Happy!
Follow the link and you will find a fab lady who for her birthday did a ton of fun random acts of kindness. There are some great ideas here. My little bug is turning 6 next month and I am going to start talking to her about involving some service in the festivities in someway. I will keep you posted on how it turns out. I remember a few years back hearing about kids b-day parties where instead of bringing a present you take the money you would have spent on a present and it's donated to a charity. I remember thinking geeze just let the kid have their day. She was probably two when I heard about this kinda thing now that she is nearly 6 I can see the wisdom in this. What do you think? Have you done anything for your b-day or your kids b-day that gave back instead of give me, give me, give me? I will admit if I didn't' get any presents from my hubs I would be sad, I like presents. I am sure I could get into it especially if I put a face with the reason I am doing it.

52 Smiles

Maybe you have seen this floating around Pinterest? Well I read this post and contacted Katherine and asked her to team up with me for a project but she declined because she had recently had her 5th child. Pretty good reason right! She was really kind and encouraging of my project but is smart not to overwhelm herself. Well if you need more ideas feast your eyes on her post!

I have a $25 target gift card that is burning a hole in my pocket, seriously! It's giveaway time folks!
Anything you have been eyeballing at Target lately?

I do have a challenge for you, create a service pin board or call it whatever you want but create a board and start pinning. I also started a group board. If you want to be added to the names of those who can pin on the board leave your name and I will add it. Let's find the good in the world and share it with each other!

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  1. Wow, just started reading your blog. All joking aside, I am ready to try again with my kids. Great ideas!

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