Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Whoopie Jar and other fun Valentines ideas :)

I woke up this morning and told my husband I had a great idea for a Valentines day photo and to hurry up and get dressed so we could do it before he had to get to work....what do you think? Were pretty amazing right!? 

Actually I don't know what would happen to me if I tried to do this...a picture of that would make you laugh till you peed your pants, of that I am pretty certain. Not to mention our height difference would be problem for this shot...my 5'1' to his 6'1'.

I made him let me take took pictures of my valentine over a year ago and this is what he is really like...
 This is how I had him look for a few pictures anyway. The most important decision I ever made was marrying my valentine. What I am most grateful for lately is how he truly has the perfect words for me when I am having a hard time with something.

Okay so here are is a fun idea and it doesn't take much planning if you don't already have the stuff it will just be a quick stop at the store. (click on the pictures to follow the links)

I have to remind myself often to speak kindly to my kids, I don't yell, I hate yelling, it makes me feel icky but I do have a tendency to sound frustrated and I don't like that either. And since kids have a tendency to mirror behavior I like to find new ideas and be constantly striving to make sure I am patient and being a good example even if feel like an utter failure in that department some days.
100 Ways to be Kind to your Child

I love the chunky heel, the flattened boy and the pink and red color blocking...these are totally girly but not in the sense that it's something my 5 year old would wear...these are sooo yummy, they make me happy just looking at them because they make me feel...I don't know... girly. And sometimes it's just fun! So you know how on Valentines day restaurants are crazy busy and the cost of flowers quadruples...well for about 4 years now it's been my husbands tradition to buy me a pair of heels for V-day. I love it! (don't you just love this color combo!?)
#details #fashion #streetstyle #red #pink #pumps
So me and my sis-in-law were having this conversation about V-day and we came to the conclusion that it doesn't matter how great a gift we get our hubby's on this day all they really are looking forward to is ONE thing...a..hem...you know what I am talking about ;) I decided not to make one but YOU may think it's a grand idea so here it is...The Whoopie Jar.

1) Get a mason jar, aluminum can etc. you get the idea...you can be creative as you want or just keep it simple...like men are ;)
2) Decorate...or don't ;) with vinyl or chalk board paint etc.
3) How to use the whoopie jar - simply put $ in it every time you "make whoopie" you put a dollar or five or whatever dollar amount you agree to and then use that cash for you next anniversary. Fun idea and something most men will love...no need to go all out just make him a whoopie jar ;)

If you haven't come up with anything for your hubby this is a great last minute gift ;)
Like all my winking ;) hehe...Hope you have a grand day!

If you know anyone who will be lonely on this day hopefully you can take a second to make them feel loved and remembered!

Any fun plans...that you CAN talk about???

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  1. I didn't know about the new heels tradition! I WANT that!!

  2. Brittney Griffith KohlSeptember 11, 2012 at 9:13 AM

    All these ideas are super cute. Thanks for the ideas DeAnn. But um, what is "make whoopie"? Haha. I feel kind of out of the loop!


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