Monday, February 20, 2012

"It rained money"

My kiddos recently spent some time at Papou's and Yiayia's (grandpa & grandma in Greek) house. My dad is so much fun with my kids, his imagination doesn't quit he is a story teller extraordinaire. During their last visit he made it "rain money" I wasn't there for this event but this is what I was told took place by my daughter. Which is better then what I remember happening as a kid, he would through a 20 bucks in the pool and watch us all try and get to it...anyway. So he made it rain money and my daughter came home with a little plastic container full of change. On our way home last week from school she surprised me by saying that she wanted to put her money in the service jar (the post I did on it I called it the Giving Jar). Well she was super excited to put her money in it and I responded with enthusiasm which made her even more excited, she was beaming, it was adorable. The reason I write the post is because I made the Giving Jar post on December 7th and I remember talking to her about what it was for and I distinctly remember feeling like she wasn't hearing me. BUT SHE DID apparently! She remembered it 3 months later and we haven't talked about but that once. So I am here to remind you not to be discouraged if you feel like your kids aren't listening. Somehow in their busy little state of constant motion they absorb a ton. Let me tell you I was super duper excited when she asked to put her money in the "service jar" even if in the picture she doesn't look very happy. I wish I could have snapped a picture of her while t Don't give up hope parents your children are watching, listening and learning from you!

If  you missed that post here is a link to it. Also I did these other service oriented posts in December which could be adapted to fit in your life anytime of the year. (click on the picture to follow the links)



Thanks for stopping by! Do you have any instances where your kids surprised you listening?


  1. After the rain Zaya and Russel were playing with the money and I asked her if she was going to put some of it in the giving jar. She was very adamant about NOT putting any in, so I am very glad she had time to think about it and had a change of heart <3

  2. So's so nice to have those moments when you feel like you really are getting through to them! Love it!

  3. Adorable! Yay to the new linky follower dealie :0)

    I think I need to get a jar going for small one.

    I have a feature today that I think you'll like and a giveaway that I'd really love to have your entry in.


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