Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chain reaction

I saw this idea to make a paper chain but with a twist in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I tried to find it on their web page but it's a quick blurb in the magazine so I didn't figure it would be online and it wasn't. I did find the above picture on Google and it's even how BHG cut them out, very cute but not sure I will be taking the extra time to do it that way. The twist is that you write a good deed on each strip of paper that one of your kids has done that day. You wrap it around the tree and as Christmas nears your chain gets longer and longer...or at least it should ;) Super easy, I think this will be a fun tradition and a great visual encouragement to the family. Here's to trying to seek out opportunities to do good. Little acts of kindness go a L-O-N-G way.

I cut my strips of paper about 2.5 inches wide and were doing them in red and green construction paper. I want to staple them but I couldn't find my stapler last night which means it was most likely relocated by two little people I have running around here. I also think that when it's time to take down the tree it could be fun to take apart the chain and save your favorite deeds by your little ones in a scrapbook or have them in the Christmas boxes to just take out and look at year after year. When you find them next year it will stand as a reminder to start another 'chain reaction'. 

Her brother really, really wanted the spot she had next to dad on the couch and she happily gave it to him. Russel got his sister a towel without being asked to.She spilled her cup of water all over herself at the dinner table when the puppy jumped on her chair and made her spill it. Didn't get a picture of him for some reason.

My Daughter also wanted me to do one so I wrote down that I washed, folded and put away three loads of laundry. So be prepared parents.

I also found this quote in the same BHG magazine " "Researchers have long known that altruism - such as volunteering at a hospital - raises dopamine, a feel-good brain chemical that shields against stress hormones. What's interesting is that no selfless act is too small, says clinical therapist Serena Wadhwa,, psy.D., directer of the TriQual Living Center in Chicago. To sustain a helper's high, aim to perform a simple act of kindness every day. Easy examples include bringing in the mail to an elderly neighbor, surprising a coworker with a cup of cocoa, or slowing your car on a busy street to let another driver turn. Optional: singing "Joy to the world" as you do it." I was looking for a picture of  a paper chain since ours only has three loops. I also found these lovelies. Who knew, fabric, felt, and pretty scrap book paper paper chains...what??? (Always said like Gus from Psych...FYI) Could be fun!

I hope you know by now that I really, really, love to hear from you :)


  1. Such a lovely idea, wouldn't it be amazing to add to it each year?

  2. That's a great idea Jane! But it could take over the tree, or at least our tree it would. Thanks for stopping by you always have good insights.


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