Thursday, April 5, 2012

"If you came upon a person who was drowning" Free downloadable General Conference quote

Yeah I finally figured out how to make quotes down loadable!!! For freeee! (Said like Rob Schneider in Bed Time Stories) So if you like it down load it and print this bad boy out! (I'm not a techy so this is big for me, don't laugh...well go a head)

In case you missed it I did a post that this quote would have went with PERFECTLY! But I just heard it for the first time along with everyone else who watched General Conference last weekend.

What was your favorite quote from General Conference or from Pinterest lately? Send it to me and if you want add a blurb about why it stop to make you think....I know it should be kinda obvious but if you add your thoughts to it it's more meaningful.  I will post them in two weeks! or leave it as a comment.

I have two service projects and pictures going up on the blog one next week and one the following week...yay!!!

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Alright peeps have a fine day! Happy Easter!!!

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  1. That was probably the quote that stuck out the absolute most to me as well...there were so many stories that made me bawl and made me think hard about life in general. I {heart} conference (c:


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