Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Which of these inspire you???

It was fun to see what inspires YOU. Which quote do you like best out of these four? The one in the green box? Maybe the one in the blue box? Or perhaps the pink box? Or are you like me and can't be satisfied with just one and choose the red box??? Hope you enjoy and hope one of these quotes gives you pause to think through out your day.

This was quote was submitted by Misty she is a hugely amazing scrap booker you can see her work on her blog. She even did page with pics off Facebook using pictures I took of her family for The SIP project. Their service project will be posted on the blog soon.

This quote was submitted by Aubrey of All Things Bright and Beautiful
She said "It's so true...the other day at McDonald's the lady at the counter gave the kids free ice cream cones...is that a huge deal? No, it's two bucks, but to me, it was the nicest thing anyone had done for me all week! 

This quote was submitted by Sarah from Simply Sarah Style She said "Ironic you mention this. I just did a blog post on this topic last week. A very simple (some may say small) token went a long way in making my day and I had to share. As far as quotes, I came across this quote on Pinterest that really made me think. I think people are quick to make judgements based on appearance or actions, but you never know what a person is experiencing. I thought this quote was a nice reminder to be kind at all times. :)

ALL these inspiring quotes were submitted by Natalie of Nat Sprat. She said "Oh my goodness, I don't even know where to start with the quotes! A few of my favorites are."

A big thanks to all those who took the time to send me a quote! It turned out they were all bloggers so I put links to their blogs. I would love to have put more quotes up from non-bloggers and bloggers a like so...remember the quotes that make you stop and think so you can submit one next time :)

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  1. I'm a sucker for anything to do my boy boy Plato.

  2. When all else fails take a nap - that should be my theme song.

  3. I do really like the pink one too!

    You could make a theme song record it and I'll post it on my blog...deal???

  4. Such a great post, DeAnn! I loved reading what everyone shared.

  5. oh gosh I love all of these quotes...they all have such great values to them! I must say though that the very first quote is one that my grandfather use to always say. So I think that one just might be my favorite! So glad you came apart of Color Issue...I always love great readers such as yourself! :-)



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