Monday, March 26, 2012

What it's all about...service, friendship,and bright happy people.

Some of you may know miss Aubrey from All Things Bright and Beautiful if you want to see some of my fave pictures from her photo shoot follow the link to her blog. Aubrey came into town and I didn't' know she was coming until I got a text from her that she was already in town, an awesome surprise. We have been wanting to get together to get some photos of her for a while and so the next day we headed down town...wind aside it was a blast, no pun intended ;) Don't you just love her bright and cheery outfit?! It matches her bright and happy personality. I love her big and fun personality...did I already say that?!

 And I have known Aubrey and Josh about 8 years now I can gush about them a bit :) Plus it gives me a chance to thank them again. When friends or anyone are there for you in your time of need, you don't soon forget it. I haven't! My daughter is 5 now but her coming into this world was a bit traumatic...haha.

I was 32 weeks pregnant with her and everything seemed fine except that I was REALLY swollen but just thought eh...that's pregnancy for ya?! Went in for a visit and was sent to the hospital immediately. I had pre-eclampsia. I was there 2 days when they decided she needed to be delivered. I was there 3 days after she was born before I could go home, she stayed a month in the NICU.

On to my point...Josh and Aubrey were AWESOME!!! They came every day I was in the hospital, with movies, flowers, food and to hang out and visit with us etc. It meant the world to me that they cared. I felt very scared and alone and a lot of friends didn't' call or come by and it made me sad. Others may feel differently but in my experience I  truly appreciated a visit or any show of support. So I am here to tell you today that if your friend is going through something like this or is just in the hospital DO SOMETHING!!! A phone call, a note, send flowers, visit, ANYTHING!!! It can be a very lonely time and what Josh and Aubrey did I feel forever grateful for. I tried to thank them after we were out of the hospital but they just shrugged it off, so now I have another excuse to say thank you Josh and Aubrey. Your friendship means the world to me and Jake!

Also I can't write this without thanking my sister in law Keri either she brought dinner a few times and even left her kiddos with a sitter once so she could come hang out for a bit with me in the hospital, left a cute little preemie outfit hanging on the wall for me to see. I will also always be grateful to her for that. Family was there like my Mom :) but I was just sad that more of our "friends" weren't there in any way. I'm not being whiny, I am just saying this experience taught me a lot and made me want to be there for others when they are going through something traumatic. I can't say it enough I still feel deep gratitude for them to this day.

I am so happy I got to take Aubrey's pictures! She choose not to be exempted from doing a service project for her pictures, another testament to her fine character :) That will be on the blog soon :)

Has anyone had a similar experience??? 

Have a good day friends :)

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  1. Thanks girl, you are one sweet gal yourself! (c: We love you guys so much and couldn't ask for better friends...thanks for taking the time out to do these pics, Josh *really* thanks you (c;

  2. Great shots DeAnn! Your beautiful Aubrey :) Glad you guys got to get together for a bit of fun! And your comments are very true De - who ever got mad that somebody just called to check in on them? It does make a big difference.

  3. You're awesome Aubs! We really are blessed to call you and Josh friends :)

    Thanks Katie :) it's definitely a collaborative effort and Aubrey was a blast to work with. I know right...some times we just psyche ourselves out, especially if we don't know them super duper well. "Never suppress a generous thought" - Marjorie Paye Hinkley I need to put that quote on the blog! It's one that goes through my head often.


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