Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Make-over with Mary Kay make-up!!!

 Denise asked me if I would like to have a make-over and I said sure can I bring along Keri too? So here we are! This would make a super fun girls night! Or a mommy daughter sort of thing too, my little girly would love it, she is always asking me to let her put on make-up...the answer is no 95% of the time...if only I had her 5 year old complexion I wouldn't wear make-up...well not foundation anyway.

 I don't really care anymore...
You seeing me with out make up that is. I have to admit I feel a little naked with out it. Do you??? I'm no bondo queen but I do love me some make-up.
 While at our make-over my sister-in-law Keri --->
told Denise I probably wouldn't put any pictures of myself in this blog post. Well I HAD to do it then...(yes I am addicted to using...) guilt I suppose, she was right she has been in front my camera a lot lately(for upcoming hair tutorials).  So here I am!!! Aren't we brave :) Hahaha...

 They both have great hair! Denise's son JD does her hair. Keri meet Denise at a grocery store and then her son JD(Check out this video of him he works at Mark Pardo Salons) started cutting Keri's hair and mine(the last time was over 3 years ago before I moved away) and...the list goes on. I need to get into see him, I need an amazing hair cut desperately! I had never meet Denise until my son started talking to her at Marshalls one day while we were shopping and she was super friendly. (It's small world!) As a parent I have noticed that those who take the time and are kind to little ones who ask random strangers questions like "what's your name?" speak volumes about their character. Which lead to a great post to read it follow this link. (More like it coming.)

                                               Aren't we just smashing?! Ready to hit the town...I mean go pick up our kids. Do you want Denise to give you a make-over? Or need a Mary Kay consultant to buy from...don't know what you want or how to wear make-up well then Denise is the woman to see! We had a great time she is friendly and knowledgeable! No, she isn't paying me to say nice things...I just thought it would make a fun blog post. If you want to get in contact with Denise e-mail her at  Or her website...did I mention she's so good she drives a pink cadillac?

Oh...and the fab lip gloss I am wearing is called 'Fancy Nancy' I had to get some. A fun trick she shared was layering several lipsticks and lip glosses. I should have gotten Keri to get a close up of my lips... MU-AH!!!

One last thing...I think it's fun to have my make-up done by different people wither it be Denise, my super make-up savvy sister Amy or another make-up artist friend or professional. It's just fun to see what they can do, with this amazing canvas, called DeAnn's face...hahaha ;) and learn new things. more...Play around with your make-up before a photo shoot try some different things, with your eyes especially. Take a photo each time and see what make-up technique makes your eyes pop most. Lips are easier in pictures they just need some color and gloss they don't have to pop with color unless that's what your going for. I like it when your attention is drawn to eyes in a photo and the right make-up will help with that....I feel a future post coming on :)

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  1. WOWZERS!!! I've always wanted a makeover! I'm too scared to do anything different on my own face! I think I've used the same eyeshadow pallets since I was a teenager. So sad. You two look really good without makeup! Natural beauties, you lucky girls!

  2. Adorable! I admit that I am a total nutter about not leaving the house with make-up.

  3. Oh look at you hot mamas!!! I'm pretty positive I don't have the guts to post a sans makeup pic on the blogosphere, but I applaud the bravery! Still looking smashing (c:


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