Friday, January 27, 2012

How do you define style?

Haven't we all seen people out and about somewhere and said, "wow, that girl has style." Or "She looks really put together and confident." Or thoughts along those lines anyway. Wouldn't it be nice to ask those people questions? Well that is just what I am going to do! Today is the first post like this and there are many more to come. These posts are gonna be FUN...running people down and tackling them to get there picture...hahaha, no not really.

How do you define style? (this isn't a rhetorical question) Well to me a great deal of style is confidence, being comfortable in your own skin.  Yes there are plenty of people who dress trendy that lack real confidence but what I see as style has a great deal to do with confidence. Being YOU, you can tell when someone is wearing something because it suits their style and personality and when they are wearing something because they have no confidence and are following the crowd. Granted we can't help but follow the crowd to some degree, you find something you like at a store and you buy it. But do you buy it because you think your supposed to like it or do you buy it because you LOVE it? On a last note about style I also think it's the way we present ourselves to others. When we love ourselves it shows, style doesn't mean you spend absurd amounts of money on clothes it means you care about your appearance enough to look well kept and put a little effort into how you look.
                  Effort & thought mixed with buying what you love + confidence = style.

Denise was a doll! It turns out her son has cut my hair before and my sister in laws many times. Her son does an amazing job by the way! 

Me and my son were shopping at Marshall's and  I had looked around as I was shopping and didn't really see anyone and then Denise and Russel started talking...cause my kids talk to everyone. I don't know if she noticed but I was looking her up and down thinking, sweet she's perfect for my first post, she has a very distinct style, whether you like her style or not...the girls got style. I like how she mixed feminine elements and Texas biker chic.

Here are the questions I asked Denise...
1. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Do you do your make-up every day?  I would say start to finish, it takes me an hour and 15 minutes to get ready. Since I am an ambassador for Mary Kay, yes, I do put make up on every day. If I am not working on the weekends, I still wash my face, do my skin care and put mascara and  lip gloss on. I still want to look great for my husband, even if we are cleaning horse stalls! LOL.

2. How would you describe your personal style? I would describe my personal style as classic always with current (non crazy!) trends added in that are appropriate for my age.

3. Where do you get inspiration and ideas for your look? I know what I like, but I watch fashion shows on TV and read a lot of magazines with current trends.  Fashion is like make up, you have to evolve or be left behind.  I am the billboard for my business and I don't have the luxury of not looking sharp. Women do not want to spend time with women in the beauty business that don't look like they know what they are talking about.

4. Do you try and keep up with what's trendy or what's current in the fashion industry or with celebrities? Yes, as I said above ,my business of being a Mary Kay Sales Director, goes hand in hand with being on trend in fashion, as well as with make up.  I always ask myself, "would I buy make up from me?" Don't get me wrong, what you are inside is more important that what you look like, but you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, and your looks are the first thing, until people get to know you, that in the beauty business, people decide whether or not they are going to give you a chance.

5. What are your top styling tips? (hair, make-up, clothing) Hair, have a great hair stylist, mine is my son! He's great and always keeps me updated.  Know your style, what looks good on you and go with that.  Just because something comes in your size, doesn't always mean you need to wear it.  With make up, always take care of your skin! I think color is important, but you can put all the color on skin you haven't taken care of and it still won't look good.  Get a quick, doable, skin care , that you will be faithful to. If you are over 25, make sure that it has age fighting properties in it. 

Thanks Denise!!!

Hope you enjoyed the post! Please leave your thoughts, that way I know I am not talking to myself ;)
Send me some questions that you would want to know about someone and their personal style. 

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  1. Love the look-especially those boots!

    I think that someone has style when they look like they are comfortable with their own skin.

  2. I absolutely adore this idea, DeAnn!!! This is going to be an awesome series and I can't wait to see the fashion you run's gonna fabulous! (c: She is too cute, the girly biker look (c:

  3. This idea is awesomeeeee! And go you for running people down, I dont think I could ever do that. I loved reading this though, you better keep these posts comin! haha :]

  4. Can you get anything in Canada like those boots?

    It's been a little tougher then I thought but a lot of fun.

    They will keep coming!

    Thanks Ladies...muah!!

  5. This is awesome.. : )) What a lovely idea.. Looking forward to see the exciting fashion you run into.. : )) Very wonderful idea.. : ))


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