Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Freedom high

So what's got me on this Freedom high? Well ,I will tell you, I have started reading a book called The Miracle of Freedom, 7 Tipping Points that Saved the World. 
It's so EASY to take for granted OUR freedom. I have enjoyed the blessing of freedom my whole life as have my parents, and grandparents etc. I have typed several things here only to delete them, I am having a hard time trying to adequately describe my feelings.. briefly ;) I guess I am ashamed to admit that there are very few times in my life that I have been on a freedom high. I read the first 20 pages of this book over a two day period. I like to let stuff like this sink in and give my self time to reflect and ponder. I felt happier then normal, because I felt the gratitude of being free. It has worn off a bit, like all highs do. However I came to realize more fully just how precious a gift freedom is and how blessed I am to have the CHOICES. If it weren't for freedom I wouldn't have been able to start The SIP project, no one would really have time for it anyway we would all be worried about EVERYTHING else that goes along with just surviving day today. I can't imagine the crushing stress of being a slave or being under any kind of oppressive government.                 
Freedom is relativity new in the history of the world. 
What are you going to do with your freedom??? 

What I wrote doesn't accurately describes what I feel, I can't seem to express my thoughts in writing very well today. I want to live my life with purpose always aware of the blessings I have, living in a way that reflects my understanding of what I have...freedom. It seems to me that if we lose this understanding or never had it in the first place all we tend to want to do is take, take, take. 

If nothing else I hope you will want to partake of books that will put you on a freedom high. 

A penny for your thoughts???


  1. Hopefully, I'm using my freedom by empowering others through education. Hopefully. :-)

  2. Hi DeAnn!

    I wasn't sure if you were following my blog, so I wanted to let you know that I mentioned your blog in my post thing morning! :)

    Also, my Hubby has been exhausted lately upon coming home; as soon as he is available, I still plan to put your button on my blog.



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