Friday, March 21, 2014

Simple Act of Service That Will STICK!

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 Once you start generating ideas on serving you can't really turn it off. Why would I want to do that anyway right?! So I got a $10 Target gift card for a something and then I didn't need it anymore so I thought "what am I going to do with it now?" I realized it would make a great random act of kindness and oh, so simple! So I took a piece of card stock wrote "Randon Act of Kindness" and used washi tape to put it on the card stock and the shelve at the store.

Don't you just love this mugshot?!

    This was my kids nearly screaming that there was a gift card and to come and get it! I quickly quieted them, but I had to do it a few times, little stinkers! They were just so excited for someone to get it they didn't want to wait! Luckily I choose a quite isle to put it on since I knew I would be snapping a few pictures so they didn't actually get anyone to come over...phew!

So just like buying flowers every time you grocery shop to take to someone this is actually even simpler, but the flower routine is still quite simple also. These are both meant to fit into your routine without making you have to go out of your way. I suggest buying the gift card on one shopping trip and making up a few cards that say "random act of kindness" to put them on and then stick them in your bag as well as some washi tape and then next time you grocery shop leave it on one of the isles you go down. Simple, simple!

Also as a follow-up I have been doing the flower routine with my kids since I did that post. It's become habit :) There are times I get the flowers put them in a vase at home and then don't deliver them to anyone. However the goal of these kinds of service ideas isn't perfection just ways of doing service that fit into life fairly effortlessly because those are the things that tend to with stand the test of time. Though I will say most of the time they do get delivered. A simple fix would be to just deliver them on my way home and not even take them home, which would then be even simpler then the gift card idea haha battle of the service routine!

Scatter sunshine my friends!



  1. We have done this very thing before and it is fun leaving gifts behind knowing it will make someone's day :-)


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