Wednesday, August 21, 2013

10 Minute Service Project! And a Giveaway!

I am super excited about this post because this really is a way to do service in 10 minutes. Further more it's SIMPLE and GRAND! I love it when those two meet! Fresh flowers really do go a long way in brightening up a place. So I have been buying flowers when I go grocery shopping for years now, not every time, but pretty close to it. I was thinking about ways we could do more service and it dawned on me, why not buy extra flowers for someone else or give them away instead of keep them for myself. It fits right in with our routine I just need to add a few more steps.

It took my daughter about 5 minutes to decorate the vase above, this step could even be skipped, or how long does it take to tie a ribbon around a jar? 30 seconds?! I moved things around in my cupboard and starting storing our old jelly jars etc. so there easy to grab when I need them. Also at Wal-Mart or wherever you fancy you can pick up a simple glass vase for cheap ($2 or so), they don't have to be big and fancy, the flowers are the star here. 

Alstroemeria's are inexpensive and last more then a week.
I buy the flowers and then in the next day or two I take them to someone when we are already running around, no need to make a special trip to give them away. Also if you buy the right kind of flowers you can even enjoy them for 3 or so days before taking them to someone. Be prepared with a note to leave with it, which you could write on an index card, remember K.I.S.S! Also be mindful about what door someone uses to go into their house if you leave them when no ones home, they may park in their garage and not find your flowers for a day or more. 

Onto the giveaway! It has nothing to do with flowers, but you could use them to serve others, I did have that in mind when I bought them.

The Giveaway includes - baking stamp that says "Made with love," adorable 2 cup measuring pitcher and a side of the mug heart shaped cookie cutter.
What you need to do...
1) Pin one of the first two pictures on Pinterest
2) Check out a page on my blog that you haven't looked at before or in while and leave a comment.

The contest will run from August 21st - August 28th at 9pm. When the winner is announced they will have 48hrs to claim their prize (simply e-mailing me their address). US residents only.

Good luck!


  1. Yeah! I did it. I fulfilled the requirement today to enter!

  2. Yeah! I did it! Thanks for keeping me thinking and acting!


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