Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Marler Family Photos In the Bosque & Service Project

I am just going to let you jump in here! Meet Tess a rad chick who rocked her service project!
In her words...
"My experience with the SIP project has been great! I initially wanted to team up with DeAnn because I thought it would be an easy and free way to get my family pictures done. I didn't realize how much fun I would have doing the service and how badly I would want to do it again.
I chose my service project based off my own talents and interests. I love to sew and I thought it would be fun if I could teach someone else the same skill. Maybe even get them to love it and appreciate it the way I do.
I asked around to find someone who I could serve and found two girls, ages 14 and 17, that really wanted to learn. We lined out the projects they wanted to complete and I had to figure  out what I would teach them. Before I was even able to begin teaching I had to do some research on sewing for beginners. I thought I would have such a hard time filling all the hours required. But in reality, they flew by very quickly. I had such a great time hanging out with these girls and just talking to them that by the time our projects were finished I had clocked 15 hours of "service".
Together we sewed a tote bag for each of them and a skirt. I really hope that they continue to sew and they continue to love and appreciate it! I look forward to my next family portrait so that I can do this all over again. Thanks SIP Project!"

-Tess Marler

I just loved working with Tess and David they were super fun and willing to do anything! We had grand plans for pictures in the Santa Fe National Forest. Nature had other ideas with an early freeze which decimated our chance for pictures under the tall aspens in full fall glory.

Can you tell he doesn't get soda much Lol (which is a good thing in my book)! Chug, chug, chug!

                      Yeah I had super hard time deciding which pictures to include in this post.

                                One of my fave photos from their session at the Bosque.

Meet Maxton the serious! There is something neat about kids who are little thinkers, not silly and crazy, but just chillin, thinkin, and enjoying the ride. I like variety, heck all kids are neat. This little dude did capture my heart though.

                   You guys play swords while mommy and daddy drift off into la la love land.

She posed! This girl was confident in striking a pose, it was pretty stinkin cute. This was her striking a pose with the tree and me capturing it from above.

One of those moments where I catch them off guard and say"hey look over here!" and bam cute picture ta boot.

I am in love with this one too. The vibrant back ground really, really makes me miss my favorite season.

                             I love it when kids or anyone really looks into the camera like this.

"Look Mommy!"

                                    I was really happy I captured this sweet little moment.

                                           This just can't help but make you smile :)

 Cute family! I love what I do! The end result of someone enjoying their service project and serving with their talents and fantastic photos they will cherish for a lifetime makes all the not so fun stressful parts of The SIP project worth it.

Thank you Marler family for your participation in The SIP Project!

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