Thursday, March 21, 2013

Totally Not Over Rated!

I have been the recipient of a lot of kindness lately in large part due to my hitting the big 3-0  (my SIL Keri threw me a fantabulous birthday party and we all had a blast and somehow a few of us ended up covered in redi-whip, no idea how that happened!!) Also because of putting myself out there to get to know someone new. These kind acts have been very refreshing and make me want to do better at finding meaningful ways to serve others.

I received a very sweet birthday note from a friend (and a whole lot of other awesomeness) and in the note they talked about and listed "10 random acts of kindness they did in honor of my day." Umm how cool is that?! I will keep this note forever and share it with my grand-kids and when I am having a hard day I will pull it out as a way to pick myself up.

It got me thinking about how some blog posts have been done by people who do a day of service on their birthdays and I really, really love that idea (and idea you can find on my Pinterest board on service ideas) this is kinda the opposite of that and I love covering all sides of things. I realize this isn't something everyone would appreciate, but for others it's the icing on the cake. Don't have money to spend on someone? Have people that tell you not to get them something for their b-day? Have no idea what to get someone? Here ya go! Dedicate random acts of kindness in honor of their day "their day" could be way more then just a birthday.

I got this after I invited someone new over for breakfast to get to know them, you know who you are both of you ladies :)
A thank you note may seem like a simple thing, but is it really? Anyone who has received a heartfelt thank you card probably resolved to do better at writing and sending thank you cards themselves. I have been thinking since my birthday I need to send thank you cards for all the kind things that were done for me on my b-day and this is what has gotten me to finally do it! I did a post a while back about making a Thank You Card Station and it's still set up on my desk and it's convenience make it easy to write and send them. Who doesn't love getting an unexpected card in the mail?! Take a minute to hand write a sincere card, home-made or not in my opinion a card in the hand is better then any electronic card, or e-mail, or text etc don't you think?

I needed to write this tonight I have felt lousy off and on the past two weeks I think my immune system is trying really hard to keep me from getting sick, but I'm not totally winning. Anyhoo this lifted my spirits and I hope it does yours.

All my love, truly.

p.s. don't forget I updated the "What Is The SIP Project" page take a look, you may have missed some big changes. Oh...and it wouldn't hurt my feelings if you shared it :)


  1. This is so sweet...and true! It's so much more than a present because it touches so many more lives, including the giver (c: I'm glad to hear that 30 is starting off amazing! You young gun, you (c:

  2. Now THAT'S my kinda bday present!!


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