Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankful Wall a lovely excuse to write on the wall :)

I follow Kelli France from Chic Critique Forum on Instagram and get e-mails from her site which are always interesting and useful, more so then most photography sites I follow. She posted this picture of her kids on Instagram and I of course had to ask her if she would do a post for me about her Thankful Wall. I have to admit I was surprised that she said she would seeing that she has a very large and successful business and must be crazy busy. I am really thankful she made the time. This is a really great idea! My kids love to write on anything they shouldn't so maybe doing a Thankful Wall is the answer to my woes.

"I love that November is a time to be thankful for all the Blessings we enjoy. It's so good to take time to reflect on what God has given us and teach our children to do the same.
Every Monday our family has Family Home Evening where we teach them different values. In November, we taught them about gratitude by making a Thankful wall.

Kelli France 
We taped a huge piece of butcher paper to the wall and had each of the kids write down what they were thankful for. We left it up all month so that they could add to it whenever they thought of something.

Thankful door done by Cheryl Lee friend of Kelli

Thankful Tree done by kelli's friend Livia Mihu
These are all great ways to help your children learn to count their blessings."

Have you ever done a Thankful Wall or seen one before?

Much love, peace out...

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