Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I had an hour long radio interview on Pay It Forward Radio

Pay It Forward Radio - Aurora, CO I was on the radio! What? I know, right! I was nervous as heck, let me tell you. The show's host Kathy Bacon is wonderful and does a better job of selling what you are doing then person being interviewed. The show is called Pay It Forward Radio by Mile Hi Radio out of Denver. I hope you will take a listen to my interview and you may find some other shows interesting too so don't stop at mine. Spread the word about this show please with a cherry on top, it deserves attention, Kathy is doing amazing things there.

It was a real pleasure Kathy, Thank You!

Go here to listen. My show was on November 21st.

Also I am in Hawaii :) Yep, I am posting tons of pics on Instagram so if you wanna see them all follow me on Instagram! thesipproject is how to find me there. My hubs is at a conference so I got to come along since we only had to pay for me to go. So I am hanging out all day enjoying the beauty taking photos and soaking it up, it's my first time to a place like this! What should I bring back to do a giveaway with?

I also wanted to give you this free printable (it prints out on a normal sheet of paper).

Have I done any good in the world today free printable

Enjoy your day :)

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