Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The SIP project has been around a year! Giveaway.

Happy Blogiversary to me! Yep, it's been a year, already! In one years time I have evolved a ton for instance I started with the notion of including style guides for being picture ready. Though I don't think it was a bad idea, as do I rather enjoy those types of things but being a one-man band 80% of the time it's hard to get it all on the blog regularly. It's also not central to my purpose so I had to cut it, though I doubt anyone noticed it disappear from my tabs. The SIP project has become much more then me taking photos in return for a service project. I started Dish & Serve and have meet some wonderful people in doing so and made some supper yummy goodness too like a peach crostata and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies dipped in chocolate. When I started a year ago the blogging world was totally new to me, I will admit it has been much lonelier at times then I had hoped it would be. I started this blog with the hope that others would join in regularly and have the same enthusiasm I do for this project. I didn't start it so that I could showcase every act of kindness that I do. I started it because I feel accountable to use the talents that I have and know it's HARD to figure out how to get involved in doing good, as weird as that is, it's true. I wanted to share some of my journey of becoming a more service oriented person and want others to come along for the ride and share their journey with me too. I have many other ideas and ways that I am going to be changing the scope of The SIP project, I hope you will be there with me :)
I have had some wars within myself tying to decide how much of the"behind the scenes" stuff to share with everyone. It's been hard at times feeling frustrated and sad when I have felt there to be a lack of involvement from everyone. It's a very personal journey in that I have had to battle my own pride as I have in times past compared my blogs growth rate to others with same aged blog. It's hard even now to write these things because I know I don't articulate them very well it keeps me from sharing more of the "behind the scenes" stuff. Writing is obviously not my strong suite. I'm still not sure of how much of the struggles part to share. I don't want people to read my blog and think that I don't struggle with every aspect of serving others but I don't want to sound whiny when things are feeling lonely, or feeling like what am I doing wrong no one seems to care. However this is all countered by all the moments of joy I have experienced serving and hearing about how others have served because they were spurred on by something on the blog. My heart has been touched  many times like when Stacey shared with me how her grandma was benefited by the Ray of Sunshine Craft, I couldn't hold the tears back as I read that e-mail. Or just as recently as my last post, I totally teared up reading it. I just haven't found that balance and I don't  feel like I have figured out how to move people to action very well, even myself. Though continuously thinking of serving through out a year has definitely changed me. This blog has kept me accountable and I am doubtful that I would have accomplished so much without it. I have grown and have seen flaws in myself that I didn't even know were there but it's given me the opportunity to grow and overcome parts of myself, we are our own worst enemies after all. Reflecting on the past year it's actually quite hard to sort it all out. I have always been very contemplative and deep thinking. I just realized I don't know how much of that comes across in my blog. I have thought before that if I had a tone of writing voice it would be like these songs, it's not so much the lyrics as it is the feelings the music conveys. I hope this post doesn't come off somber I loved the experiences of this past year and I love that I have gotten to become friends with so many I never would have otherwise.

This is what I am leaving you with today. I will have some fun stuff up on the blog tomorrow and Friday so I hope you will come back by.

I also want to do a giveaway for my one year blogiversay to say thank you and to give you a chance to spread the word about The SIP project. I truly can't thank you enough for doing anything that has shown me support, I need it, it gives what I do some validation. That's the canondrum that is blogging I don't want my asking you to show support to come off naggy and like it's all I care about but it's the way in the blogging world that you say hey I like what your doing therefore I will share this or follow you. It has always felt like a catch 22 to me. I care deeply for you all and consider you all friends.

I wouldn't even make you leave a comment to enter this giveaway but I can't get around it. It starts today and ends the day of my post for NEXT week. How does a $35 Amazon gift card sound!?  I wish I could do more, I really do. Okay, so leave a comment and you will be entered. Since it's my blogiversary I hope you will share any of my posts on any social network. What I would also love is if a few people committed to doing a Dish & Serve posts. They really are easy and fun too!


  1. Hi DeAnn, I think you are awesome. And the fact that you are still posting and trying hard a year later really shows your dedication and motivation. I appreciate your efforts! p.s. I am not the best writer in the world, but it is one of my stronger points (at least I would like to think). If you ever want someone to help with editing or revising I would be more than happy to help. Much love, and btw I still love that slow cooker book you bought me.

  2. Wow! Think of all that has changed this past year! Your blog has inspired me to make birthday cakes for the residents at the beehive house, I was able to help make lap quilts at Christmas for the elderly, the kids and I made and delivered valentines to the beehive residents and enjoy visiting them. The kids and I volunteered at the food bank, I made the ray of sunshine craft for my grandma, we handed out candy bars and water at the hospital, and you've inspired me to think of a million ways I can serve everyday. You've blessed my life so much this past year, but I think your friendship means the most to me! Keep up the good work!

  3. Oh Miss D! I can't even tell you how uplifting and special that your little corner of the blogosphere is! It is few and far between the blogs that make me want to be a better person, but I always come away from your posts feeling motivated and more in tune with what really matters. I'm not here as much as I would like (let's face it, I'm not most places as much as I would like!), but you should know that it's *AMAZING*. And don't think I have forgotten that I owe you a service project! I swear I will do it, a promise is a promise! (c;

  4. I think you've touched more people than you realize. I know it's hard when you don't get the feedback that would often help you want to carry on with your blog. But, you will carry one 'cause it such a good one and spurred me on to participate in a service project. Thank you, chin up and all.

  5. Congrats on your first year! I just found you recently and I'll definitely be spreading the word!

  6. WOW, one year already. I'm so glad that I saw Sarah's post and found out about the S.I.P. project. I love all that you do and you have inspired me to do more in my life. There's always time to brighten someone else's day.
    -destroyer ;)

  7. Time flies! I love all the music from that movie btw!
    (it wants me to post ast anonymous...weird)

    1.'s chantelle, of course


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