Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mini candy bar poster printable

My hubs told me that yesterdays post was "sentimental" in nature. Today we are moving into just plain silliness. Your kids come back from trick-or-treating with a mound of candy, do you A) Let them eat it as fast as they can because then it's gone and you don't have to drag it out. B) Do you let them eat a few pieces on Halloween and then one piece everyday until it's gone in like February? How about a way to help that candy disappear quicker! Make a candy bar poster or just print out one of the three me and my sister already made for you. It's a simple way to show a little love and silliness to someone you adore like a husband, Father, Mother, children, boyfriend, parents, good friends, people you want to get to know better. I also think the mini candy bar posters are a great way to show a little appreciation to someone like a bus driver, teacher, mailman, trash collector, co-worker, neighbor, anyone who may play a small role in your life but who still deserves some appreciation. Make a list it may surprise you who you come up with. I also think making a candy bar poster would be fun for early readers. Making up a little story with candy to give to their teacher would be super cute. I am doing a Halloween craft in my daughters class and am going to run this by the teacher and if she doesn't want to have them do this I will print one out for each of them to take home to do with there family.

They print out on a normal 8.5x11 sheet of paper. There's a link under each print out for you to download them.

halloween candy poster.jpg
Halloween candy bar poster
(Would be super cute as a little gift on Halloween) 

anytime candy poster.jpg
Dotted candy bar poster 

I would love to hear who you thought of to give them too. I would also love to see any you make upload pictures to The SIP project Face Book page. My sister did the two with the graphics on them I did the other one and I was thinking it was going to be hard for some reason but it was actually a lot of fun to make. Kids could really have a ball with this. 

I have one more idea on how to use up Halloween candy and make people feel super duper lovey loved which I will post next week. 

Enjoy your day :) Oh...and don't forget there is a $35 Amazon gift card giveaway happening. Check out my last post!


  1. Cute Posters! These will be fun to try and fill up after Halloween :)

  2. I always loved "Candygrams", I think kids of all ages (even us old really old ones) love them and you have made it so simple! Way to go De Ann, and yet another great idea!

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  4. Really cute idea and I like the work you put into it to make it easy for others to just copy.

    Please don't think I am a grammar nazi, but the first one has some typos. The "You're value" should be changed to "Your". Pricesless has an extra s and should be spelled priceless, and the "more then" should be "more than".


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