Thursday, September 6, 2012

Loves on a Thursday...

I do occasionally love to show you my friends what has been on my mind other then the norm around here. So I decided to do a post for a linky party put on by Imprintalish.

1. I am in love with this photo that I took during a recent photo shoot. It was so FUN to style the shoot from her hair and make-up, well every detail really. This was fun because the shoot was dreamed up and done in less then a week for a photo contest - I didn't win...I don't wanna talk about it. Dang subjectivity, okay I am over it.

2. Have you heard of Sevenly? I am in love with the concept the simplicity and it's just plain awesomeness! Get an sweet shirt and help someone in need?! Is there anything better?

Womens V-Neck

3. Fancy schmancy hen house! Chicken tractor here I come! I can't wait to build one...with the help of my very talented SIL Keri :) I just need to buy the wood, we already have the plans drawn up, yea! 
Chicken Tractor

4. Seen this floating around Pinterest? I love the color and I love that it's ombre, can't get enough ombre, say it with me...ombre :) 

Ombre wall DIY

5. I am in the planning phase of re-vamping my blog. My main objective in re-vamping is to relate what The SIP project is about very clearly right off the bat in a matter of seconds not minutes. I have been pinning all about blogging on Pinterest. I am a pack rat on Pinterst verging on hoarding but I can't help it, I am a gatherer. No my home does not look like I am a pack rat just I am just that way on Pinterst, but I only pin awesome stuff, go see for yourself.

Comments are like high fives and hugs. Have a great day my friends!


  1. We did a post about the Ombre' Wall project, check it out and save yourself some time and hastle! It's nice to check in on your blog occassionally and see what your up to!

  2. I too love that picture!! STEAMY! :). I totally would have voted for you.

  3. First - stunning photo!
    Second - love the ombre. That is so cool!
    Third - those chickens are living it up! That coop is so nice it could be yard art!

  4. You are going to love having chickens!

  5. You are so awesome. Love, love, love the ombre as well! And the chicken house is PERFECT. I totally love your picture/ looked like so much fun! You are super talented. Hope things are going well...I miss you, friend!

  6. i love the onmbre wall! love like that better than on hair actually. cool chicken coupe!

  7. Hi, I am visiting from Cents To Save. You wanted more info on the shoeboxes. Go to Samaratian's and look for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes. You could probably google both and find the info. Great way to shoe the love!

    Thanks for visiting!

  8. I LOVE that first photograph, how steamy? So lusty, right?! The ombre wall is so cool too! Thanks for linking up to Loves on a Thursday! Hope to see you back this week!


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