Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Before & after photo in a vintage styled shoot

Is this a sensual shoot? Well some think it's pretty steamy. In creating them I wasn't going for "steamy." I created a story, a theme which was depression era love and very vintage feel. I wanted the feel to be that times were hard but they had each other so they could make it work. I wanted there to be connection, of a sense that when you see them together they are each others respite and safe place from the harsh world. You may or may not get that when you look at these images but that is what I had in my head as I  directed them during the shoot that's the story I was going for. 

 I went for vintage hair and make-up with Cumorah's hair before we started shooting and I did Jason's hair too, I told them I wish I had some Dapper Dan, ya know from the movie Oh...Brother Where Art thou. I did have some product that worked, yea! I want to do more of the make-up and hair and at some point want to bring on a stylist but for now I am doing hair and make-up. This is Cumorah's before picture...

 So as I will be re-vamping things very soon, ahem take the poll at the top right of my sidebar it will only take a second. 

I took these photos for a photography competition. This was all thrown together in less then a week. They were taken at a less then an"ideal time" for lighting sake. If I had someone to hold reflectors etc it would have helped. My SIL did show up towards the end of the shoot and did help out with that...Thanks Keri :) I really wanted an old cottage or shack in the back ground but couldn't make it happen on such short notice, so they came up to my place. 

There is a distinct difference between trashy and a little sessyness, wouldn't' you agree??? My sister and others were a little taken back sense I have never produced photos like this before. 

I have also started a collection of vintage clothes and modern duds too so I will have a small wardrobe. The black lace dress is one I picked up the day before the shoot along with some other fun duds...oh I know, I will post pics of what I have so far on The SIP project Face Book page. Maybe you could see yourself in one of them ;)

 I love the idea of story telling and using a few props to help tell the story but they all have to add to it otherwise they just make an image cluttered. 

A HUGE thanks to Cumorah and Jason! 

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  1. First - the before and after looks are amazing! Great styling by you! Second, definitely sexy without being trashy! Great job with that. Definitely pictures I would let my kids see :)

  2. I really like the FUN pictures too ;)

  3. I loved this shoot, it's absolutely adorable! They are so darling together and you did such a great job capturing the little moments (c: And I'm with the first commenter, sexy without being trashy!

  4. Beautiful shots! Very creative and love the vintage feel. ;)

    P.S. Thanks for the shout-out for my "supporting bloggers" post.

  5. I think my favorites are the last one and the 3rd from the bottom. To me those really capture what you were going for (all the shots communicate that, but those ones specifically communicate it to me). Fun idea!

  6. Awww... I love the clothesline pics. So good!


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