Thursday, July 5, 2012

I have a Crush on Clayton Austin

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When I saw this link party on a blog I follow called Framed Frosting I immediately thought of Clayton Austin my photog crush. I have many interests aside from photography and service like decorating, DIY projects, Food, and style so I follow many different blogs. I just have a hard time finding blogs or photographers that I just fall in love with. What's my problem? Before I started blogging I was a magazine junkie now I don't have time for them like I used to. I love Better Homes and Gardens and photo mags etc etc. You have team of people working on every issue of a magazine to make it aesthetically pleasing and just all around great, with blogs you have one person most the time and lots of bloggers do multiple posts a week and unless you are gifted at photography, writing, blog/wed design, networking, the list really goes on. Unless a blogger has nothing to do but work on their blog it just ain't going to happen, at least not very often will a blog be as well put together as a magazine. {One thing that you will never get from a magazine is so many great friendships one quality of blogs that I do LOVE} I don't know how I put magazine standards onto blogs, well probably because they have pretty much replaced them in my life. So great photos are a huge draw for me in a blog or writing that speaks to me, humor is also great it's nice to actually LOL when reading a blog. I have these weird notions and standards of blogs because of my prior magazine obsession yet my blog doesn't hold up to that standard. Hopefully the purpose and content make up for it? My blogs nice but it doesn't look as good as any issue of BHG. This making sense? Anyone else have this problem? When I woke up this morning I wasn't planning on posting today, so now I have got myself thinking and wondering what it is in a blog that YOU love, that draws YOU back to it time and time again, is it habit, familiarity,photos, humor, do they solve a problem for you, teach you something? If you had to narrow it down to two things what would be the two biggest factors that bring YOU back to a certain blog or site time after time?

Clayton Austin is my crush. I am getting ready to shoot a wedding on the 14th and so of course have had wedding photos on the brain. So I thought I would share these shots of his. Below are some of my recent favorites. These pictures are dreamy and timeless. I love the lighting, bokeh, texture and composition. They also have a wonderful depth to them that is hard to achieve. I wish I could pick his brain. Isn't the location just phenomenal?! I would pretty much die and go to heaven if I could shoot in a place like this. This first shot kinda reminds me of the movie Labyrinth.




What do you think? Amazing right? Do you have any photog crushes... Besides me of course ;)

This is a photo I took of my little girl last week that I have been crushing on as well
I want to get it printed and put up on the wall.

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  1. Wow all of these pictures are amazing! I love the picture of your daughter too - she is so beautiful!! Thanks for linking up - Happy Thursday!

  2. What beautiful pics and you MUST blow up that shot of your little girl.. too gorgeous! I really enjoyed this Crush post and wanted to thank you for dropping by my blog as well! Good luck with your wedding shoot! :)

  3. I've had photog crushes on Chris Richards ( and Drew Bittel ( the longest time. They are my absolute favorites.


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