Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Enjoying life...

I am entering a photo contest put on by Photo Challenge Submission just click the button to go to their site. The theme of the contest is enjoying life. Will the photo above win, I don't know. This photo captures my hubby's sense of humor perfectly. I thought about entering other photos, I recently took some pictures of my daughter that I think are stunning and while one of the biggest ways I enjoy life is through my camera, I choose this picture, one of my hubs enjoying life. We will be married 8 years in November. He was in school 7 of those years and busted his butt to support our family. He now works in a high stress job where he can make a positive difference but the content is hard. Luckily he has a wonderful boss and co-workers. My point is it's nice to see him enjoy life and have a good time. This picture was taken during our trip to Lake Powell last month. All we could afford to do was kayak but it was awesome! I had him drop me off on the rocky shore so I could snap some pictures of him kayaking through this awesome little canyon. We have never been on a trip just the two of us, it was fun and a little weird to be honest to not have kids and everything else to worry about.

This photo contest has given me pause to think about my life and if I am truly enjoying it. Am I doing enough to enjoy life? For the most part the answer is yes, I could do better but there is always room for improvement, something I am very grateful for!

If you have a photo that you feel typifies enjoying life, I encourage you to enter it at the iheartfaces photo contest. 

Have a good day friends :) How are you enjoying life this summer? Going by WAY too fast for my liking! Have you been to any new places? Anything that has given you pause to think or taken your breath away? Any funny kid stories to tell?

It is the fourth week of SIP Summer Camp don't miss out! My awesome sister will be doing this weeks post since I am prepping for a wedding I am photographing.

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  1. This is a great picture! And I totally agree that this summer is going by way too fast. Thanks for getting me thinking about if we to are doing enough to truly enjoy life.

  2. Great picture DeAnn. Jake looks like he is having fun. I am glad that you guys got to go on a trip together and you are right it always feels weird when you don't have your kids with you. Thanks for the post. It really did make me think how I can enjoy life a little more. I have really not been a fun mom for my kids this past month and the summer is flying by, so I really need to make it a better summer for them. Hope you win the photo contest!! =)


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