Friday, January 13, 2012

Hair style inspiration

Things never seem to go as planned, life happens. People get sick, including myself. I feel like my sinuses are going to explode. Today my sis-in-law Keri was supposed to come over then one of her little Chiclets got sick :( She has beautiful hair and is super creative with it. She will come by next week to show us some of her hairtastic do's. I am determined to get myself out of my hair styling rut but that will have to be another post. So today I decided to share some of my favorite creative hair do's that I have come across on Pinterest which I have pinned on my pin board hair glorious hair.

I am going with the tide when it comes to being obsessed with braids. I really want my daughters hair to get long like this so I can do stuff like this to her hair.

Thanks Cup of Jo for sharing this one

Okay so I am going to coin a phrase if you can call it that...fine motor skill envy, yep I first realized I had it when I did some crafting with my friend Jenae. She has super ninja fingers, or maybe I should call them ballerina fingers since they are graceful...super ninja ballerina fingers? It takes fine motor skills to be able to do awesome braids too. Do you have fine motor skill envy too???  I am determined to get better at my braiding skills. I have gotten a little better and I guess it's a good thing I love the messy look cause that's how it usually ends up looking.

Here take a look at the oh so popular water fall braid how to video on You Tube.

Next up learn how to make a lacy headband and how to do a fun new hairstyle. Over here at Elisa McLaughlin's site. I got some super cute elastic from Pick your plum (never heard of Pick your plum? you may regret you heard of it today..hehehe) that I am dying to make into head bands :)

Cumorah's Vogue portraits

Rock photo holder
Hope you will try something new either on your strands or your friends or daughters. Have a great day!
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