Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What's The SIP Project Doing In The San Francisco Bay Area???

Ever feel like a total flake?! Well that's how I have felt about getting this post up, it's not that I haven't wanted to, in fact I am THRILLED to post this! I have been BUSY(now that the fair is over there should be a lot less busyness and more posting happening)...a word I try to avoid, but don't always know how to. Alright enough about me. Let's talk about Rosie, Rosie with a heart full of goldsie! She is a photographer friend of my sister both living it up in the East Bay area of San Fran! My sis told her about The SIP project and how I want to get more photogs involved in The SIP project and she contacted me and this is the result...

Could there be any more personality packed into this photo?! I think not!

She took pictures of these four characters for their Mom. 

Melisa hugging one of her sons :)
Let's see what Rosie had to say about their mom... "My friend Melisa is an amazing example of service in our community. She is someone who's life hasn't been easy and has faced her share of personal, financial, and health challenges. Although, she has every reason to, she never has used the excuse "I'll Help when I have more time or more resources , she jumps in whenever she hears of someone in need - whether or not she has extra time or money she gives what she has." 

Meet Johnny, the little boy in the gray t-shirt...

Johnny was originally admitted to the hospital with what was diagnosed with Kawasaki Syndrome. This is "a potentially fatal inflammatory disease that affects several organ systems in the body, including heart, circulatory system, mucous membranes, skin, and immune system. Johnny has endured temperatures of 108 degrees. He has suffered peeling skin, and undergone 3 very taxing treatments. He seemed to be improving, and was sent home, only to be re-admitted early Saturday morning where he underwent emergency surgery on his small intestine. He currently is holding his own. They are watching his enlarged liver very closely for it is taking up much of his stomach area. Can you imagine enduring this?! I can't! 
To make matters worse... 
"The father was recently laid off from his job at Comcast. The mother recently got a nursing job with Contra Costa County. She was unable to work as she was spending 24/7 with her son at the hospital while her husband tried to keep things normal for the other 2 kids at home. On Monday, the mother was notified she was terminated from her job due attendance."
 Melissa saw a need and jumped in...

"Organizing this fundraiser took considerable time. Her family spent evenings at baseball games selling tickets and making posters to make community members aware of Johnny and his needs." -Rosie

The dinner Melisa organized sold 300 plates and raised $2,000. People also donated $600 cash at the dinner. Through www.fundrazr.com she raised almost $400. As someone who has organized events 5 months in the making I can attest to the fact that it's a lot of work, but well worth the outcome! 

One of the things I love about all this is that Rosie saw so many examples of Melissa's serving her community and used her talent in photography to give back to Melisa. Melisa didn't ask for it, Rosie asked her. I love that one big-hearted person blessed another big-hearted person :)

Doesn't Rosie do an awesome job capturing personality?!

Enjoying a peaceful moment without her brothers...
Personality much?!

Lady killer!

The happy chaos of siblings!

"This isn't the first time Melisa's helped on this scale and I am sure it won't be the last. A few years ago our dear friends lost their daughter to cancer. While helping in their home we ran into Melisa. I asked how she knew the family, she said she didn't know them but heard their story and wanted to help. That is the kind of person she is, see a need - fill a need! Personally, I have been taught and inspired by her example. Our community is stronger and has been brought closer as she has inspired others to step up and help each other. Being able to photograph her children who are so full of love and positive energy brought me joy. I hope that each of us can become a little bit more like Melisa and spread the seeds of service in our communities! Kindness is contagious!" - Rosie

           If you want to help Johhny you can e-mail Rosie at rosiefowlerphotography@gmail.com

I also hope that if you are, or know someone who is in the Bay 
area that you will go to, or refer them to Rosie for photos. Her 
heart and photography speaks for itself.

Thanks Rosie and Melisa for sharing this and inspiring us!

What needs do you see in your community? If you don't "see" any why is that? What are your biggest reasons for doing something or not? I bet there are a lot of people who have done similar things in their community! Share your thoughts in the comments section, everyone who reads will benefit :)

XoxxOxxOOo (<--who knows the movie reference?)



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