Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bake-It-Forward Party!

Wanna live on the wild side? Invite 16 kids over, bake about 5 dozen cookies, then of your own free will open numerous cans of frosting and sprinkles and set them to the task of decorating them! Yea that's a Bake-It-Forward cookie party for you! Wild and crazy sprinkles and smiles everywhere! It was so much fun I am going to do it two more times!

Shall we start with the aftermath? This was after I already started cleaning up the table. 

My friend Claudia writing the poem on the plates using a sharpie all the while with a kid on her hip. She wrote it in a spiral fyi :)

Bake-It-Forward poem...
On this plate is a special treat 
that was made with love for you too eat
it comes to you with one request
that with this plate you will feel blessed
and in return you'll bake something sweet
and pass it along to then repeat
so as you finsih this tasty snack
think of someone to whom you could give back.

                     What you need
1. Five rolls of store bought cookie dough
     (I baked them the night before)
2. Sprinkles, I bought some at Target in there dollar section it's a good amount of sprinkles too.
3. Four cans of frosting
4. White plates, one for each family
      (Cookies to share)
5. Paper plates, one for each family
    (cookies for them to take home and eat)
6. Sharpies, write on plates with sharpie and bake in oven set at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Not dishwasher safe, write that on your plate too, I have read different things on this but better to be safe then sorry, right?! I also put & Service Is Painless on the bottom of each plate. Some colors seem to fade too.
You can also have people coming bring some of the items to help you out.

Well I hope you enjoyed today's post! It's so much fun to think about where these 5 plates will end up through the years touching many hearts I hope.

Would love to hear about your Bake-It-Forward party or see a picture on The SIP project FaceBook page!

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