Monday, April 23, 2012

Buck wild family photos and service project

This is the first family photo session I had with a family I had never met before. I met the Buck family for the first time the day of the shoot. They are a fun and easy going family...nuff said...I mean just look at their pictures you will see it too! Oh... and my watermark was on the I just typed it out.

Here is what Misty says about her project....

 "Why did I choose the project I did...
I chose do do some type of paper crafting because that's what I know. I feel like I have a talent for it and I wanted to be able to share my joy of creating something with my hands with others. I wanted to work with the ladies at the beehive home so that  I could help them make something useful and pretty that they could then share with others-spreading the joy.
I feel that I was the one blessed by these wonderful women. They are so sweet. I couldn't help but smile and smile when I was teaching could you not when you keep getting called "my love" by Lillian.
Doing this project with the ladies of the Beehive has made me want to craft with them even more. Their eyes light up. They share their day with you. I feel so blessed.
Honestly, I think that my personality usually leads me to service but this did take me out of my comfort zone a bit. This wasn't my typical class and I had to think more about the ladies abilities and what they would actually be able to do on their own and prepare ahead of time. I didn't want to make the cards FOR them wanted them to feel a sense of accomplishment from making something with their own hands and it required a lot of thought and preparation for each project. (My cards can tend to be very detailed :))
I will definitely be going back to the Beehive home to make cards with my girls. I am also making more of an effort to make cards for other worthy causes.
I'm so happy I participated in this project. I got to meet and get to know women I otherwise would never had crossed paths with. They have enriched my life and made me a better person. That includes you DeAnn.
After doing this project I feel more at ease with getting ideas together and offering my "services" to others that I may not be familiar with. I learned how easy it is to bring happiness to another individual by a simple act. I'm glad that I was able to use my surplus of paper and stamps goodies to help brighten another's day. I saw a quote today that said "Earth without Art is just Eh". How true that rings for me. I love to surround myself with things that my mom, my friends, my husband and children have made for me. It makes the world a better place for me. I feel like having something handmade by someone else is like having a little bit of that person with you. In that way this type of service has come easily for me. Which in turn makes me think that I should look for other ways to serve that will help me grow and that I may not see as so "easy".  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity with the S.I.P. Project. I am now more aware of the "little things" I can do for others."


I just want to give a shout out to my sis-in-law Keri for being my assistant she was a HUGE help!

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  1. Some really cool places for pix. What a great looking family.

  2. What a cute little family! I love the backgrounds, too...those walls look super cool...and a totally awesome project! I'm getting ideas for what I want to do for mine (c:

  3. I really liked all the pictures. loved the backgrounds.

  4. Love Misty's family, and loved the service idea!


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