Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sing it! At the top of your lungs!

Chris Farley really had no shame, loved him in the SNL skit about living in the van down by the river. However I am not here to reminisce about Chris Farley's short life.

 I was thinking about posting on something a little more serious this morning. Then on the way home from dropping my daughter off at school my son said "I want to listen to music." I turned some on and he kept telling me to turn it up, so I did...and then a U2 song came on and I started jamming out, dancing in my seat and singing at the top of my lungs. I realized wow, we really all need to have moments like this when we just...l.e.t...g.o...

Luckily I drive on a pretty empty road but hey, if we make someone else smile and laugh at us on their way to work then it's a twofer.

             What do you do to let go???

             (Your welcome to use the quote however you like but if used on another site just give TheSIPproject credit)

    Have a great day and take a moment to let go!


  1. I sing like a lunatic in the car and small one 'dances' in the back seat.

    I've found that since I've had her I have ZERO shame in making an idiot of myself in public as long as we're both entertained :-)

  2. It feels good doesn't it! Kids have a way of forcing us to let go of our inhibitions. Thanks for your comment I love it, what a good mom you are!

  3. Oh, I'm sure I have caused many a giggle in other drivers as a I belt out my fave songs and bust a move, especially to keep my kids entertained. Music has always been my number one method of stress release. Whether its classical to calm me, or old school 80's to reminisce or hymns to lift me up, music is the one medium that can fit ALL moods.

  4. I let go with music and dancing--that is when I feel that I am the true me. Laughing with a true friend comes in a close third!

  5. I turn on my favorite mix and sing to the lyrics with a bit of head bang. Or grab my phone and call a really close friend. We'll talk about anything funny until such time that I can pour out the thing that I really want her to know.


  6. Music is truly a blessing a huge stress reliever, it helps us live in the moment.

  7. oh gosh, I need to do this *WAY* more often...I mean, I'm crazy and all, but the moments when you just let go and have *real fun*??? Those seemed to be few and far between and they shouldn't be, right? (c: Good reminder...especially for today when I think I actually might like to sell my children...probably to the zoo 'cause I think that might be the only place that will take them!

  8. Bit of fun a little later on today on the blog-I'm 'tagging' you :-)

    By the by. Would love if you sent me a button and I'll put you in my sponsors area.

  9. Aubrey, you nailed it on the head! I would highlight your comment but not sure how I would do that. I need to have more moments to where I just let go and live in the moment and have FUN. You think the zoo would take 4 kids?

    Yep Stacy, music does have a way of bringing the real us out. We need to schedule some time to get together and laugh...ha

    Febe, I can't head bang anymore, I think it must mean I am getting old...sigh. Glad you have close friends that you can talk to, we all need good friends to pour our hearts out to.

  10. Great post. Thanks for the reminder to take time out to just have fun!!!


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