Monday, January 9, 2012

Moved to action or just moved? & Giveaway!

Now that I have taken the puppy bandit outside to keep her from snatching my sons food maybe I can do this post in peace :)

I know I have seen bad things happen to good people on the news and thought I hope someone does something for them. I can't...I don't have wads of cash to give them and how would I get a hold of them anyway? I feel bad for them but not bad enough to do anything. I will just hope that some other person with loads of cash feels the way I do and does something about it. How many of us do that? I'll be the first to raise my hand. What if you could do nothing but write an encouraging note with 20 bucks in it. I think in this instance we want to give them a house or a car and if we can't do that, then it's not enough. 

What examples in life does this quote make you think of ? 

I truly enjoyed reading everyone's comments last week and hope you will take a moment to ponder and leave your thoughts today.

(your free to use the quote but please give The SIP Project credit for making it if used on other sites)

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  1. When I see that quote I think first of trying to get my kids to help around the know the toy or piece of garbage that everyone seems to step over for days until mom finally picks it up :) But I also think of the PEF (perpetual education fund) and think that even a little donation can help. I also like those sites that will make a donation to a charity just for your visit to their website. When I can't do something to help someone on the news, I go to one of those sites so that I can at least help someone somewhere. Thanks for getting me thinking this morning.

  2. It can pull at your heart strings when bad things happen to good people. However; if we are serving those around us consistently and with real love in our hearts, we can take comfort in knowing there are people serving those in tragic situations we cannot physically be there to help. And for those we cannot help with our physical closeness, we can help spiritually through prayer.


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