Saturday, December 3, 2011

Take a guess!

Can you guess what this post will be about???

So I am super excited about this post but I didn't plan for it very well and so to do the job I was envisioning it's going to take more time. The full post will be up shortly after Christmas. So this is just a teaser :)  and a BIG thanks to Chantelle for letting me take her pictures for this post.

Starting Monday I will be kicking of a series of posts starting with a fun 12 days of Christmas project. Everyday until Christmas I will be posting something fun and easy but not cheesy for you do with the family or roommates or whomever. So come back Monday and let the fun begin!!!

Also please take at  look at this auction it's for a worthy cause!

    "They discovered that the cancer is all over his body, including his bone marrow...and he also has a tumor in his head that is causing him to loose his hearing in his right ear.

We couldn't just stand by and do nothing, so there is going to be an online auction December 7th and every cent is going to go to this sweet family to help them on this long road ahead."               

My friend Aubrey from All things bright and beautiful is supporting a friend in a time of need. I know I will be bidding or donating an item. Times are tough, money is tight so sincere prayers are just as helpful if not more so in my opinion.  Do what you can!               

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  1. Looks like an awesome project, D! You know I'll be back to check it out! And thanks for putting that up about Matthew, you are such a sweetheart, that means so much to me! And yes! Anything you would like to donate to the auction is more than welcome! (c:


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