Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Brittneys service project and portraits

I wanna say something meaningful to start out that matches my passion for this project and as bits of quotes flit through my mind, of coarse I can hardly ever memorize a whole quote. I only remember just enough to taunt my memory. I'm not going to go look anything up either. I have a few quotes already on a page on my blog...that you have already read...right...? You should be thinking of sending me your favorite...right? :) I ramble...So without further adieu let me introduce you to Brittney. A pretty, young lady with a hectic schedule and yet some how she has managed to fit service into the mix. From what I gather, it is not going to be a short term thing either. Serving has a way of doing that to you once you get involved. It is hard to walk away, not cause you can't but because...well you tell me why? (Not a very smooth transition but...) I would love to hear from you. Are these two posts helping you in anyway want to serve? Giving you ideas? Lifting your spirits? I am always trying to improve and am open to suggestions and would love to hear from you :) 

I have two fun DIY photo projects almost ready to post for this week. So come on back!

Brittney in her own words
"I chose to be a volunteer tutor for the Home Work Club at Kennedy Middle School because 1) I love to help others, 2) I enjoy spending time with kids, 3) I felt the kids at Kennedy could really use a positive young adult influence, and 4) I know that as well as helping the students at Kennedy to learn, that I am also learning.
This project is making me so very happy! I love seeing their smiling faces, and knowing that the students need my help. I will most definitely continue doing service for teenagers and helping them to succeed. I am already in the process of helping a few girls and the principal, Barbara Williamson, start up a dance team for Kennedy Middle School.
Tutoring was something I wasn’t sure if I would be good at because I sometimes feel inadequate in my own learning, but these students are so fun and smart .I love that we can learn together. Tutoring at Kennedy has definitely made me more confident, and also more grateful for the opportunities and time I have to serve others. I am so glad I have started tutoring and it won't be something that ends any time soon."

Brittney tutoring Alyssa
                                                  Where the it all takes place.
                                                                      Hard at work!

Thanks Brittney, for asking me to take your pictures and for participating in The SIP project :)


  1. Amazing as always! Beautiful subject and project :)

  2. I love the one where she is sitting on the car! Great pic!


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