Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Simple Halloween service...

I came across these ideas about a week ago in the book 52 Weeks of Family Service and I think they're easy and good ideas, so I am passing them on to you. I would have done so earlier but Halloween has kinda snuck up on me. Typically we don't start thinking of service during the holiday season until Thanksgiving. So this could be a fun family tradition. I am going to pitch it to my kids and my 6 nieces and nephews...I'll update you on the outcome.

1) Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

2) You can also donate "extra" candy to Battered women's shelters, foster care facilities, Meals on Wheels, and homeless shelters etc. Find one in your area and give them a call and see if they are interested. I think the way to approach this is to get your kids in on it from the get go, springing this on them will only cause a revolt. Ask them which place they would like to donate to and if your kids are old enough, you could help them look up a place. Let them be the one to call and see if the place they choose is interested. Then when they bring home there loot they can take some out first thing to be donated. I know they will feel great taking some of their candy and donating it, it's just the initial pitch that may be a hard sale. Such a great lesson to be taught take something you really want all of and give a portion to someone else. It may also help your kids if they ask friends, family or neighbors to join in. You could even get a little crazy and decorate the packaging you deliver it in.


        Do you have a way that you give service during Halloween???

                          Have a fun and safe Halloween!!!


  1. This sounds like something I definitely want to do! All my little ones are too small to be allowed to eat all the candy they got. ;)

  2. Awesome! We got a big bag of candy to donate, the kids are excited about donateing it. And thanks for stopping by!

  3. What a great idea! Don't know how I missed that post the first time! I would lovea printable for the fridge of easy service ideas for....thanksgiving or Christmas, but I hadn't thought of Halloween! Hint hint! Keep up the great work! You're making a difference!


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