Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dish & Serve I Appreciate you "A Latte!"

When DeAnn asked me to be a part of this wonderful idea, I was excited! Our family loves to serve those in need and we also like to love on those we appreciate by doing little things: a note, a water bottle, a baked good... The little things can create just as much impact as giving away your good brand name shoes because it's all about the heart behind it. My parents did a great job modeling this and helping us gain a sense of ownership for service projects. Now I am honored to be able to serve others with my family. I almost cried this summer when my son came in the house and said "Can I give the lawn care workers something to drink? They look thirsty." Wow, I was truly flabbergasted when I heard my son make serving his own thing, not mom and dads thing. Here are a couple of things that we have done: Random Acts of Kindness Coin Jar and our Make A Difference Bucket List and my favorite Operation Brown Bag that was featured in the Simple Summer Issue.

I am super excited to have Mari here sharing one of her favorite recipes. After finding Mari's site called Inspired By Family Magazine through Pinterest as I was looking for kindness jars I just had to ask her to do a Dish & Serve post. So happy she agreed to do one!

For a non coffee drinker such as myself I would just use milk and leave the coffee out of it and I bet it would taste just as good :) Maybe use some half and half...eh, ehh...

If you want to print out the recipe then head over to her web site.

Thanks Mari! Be sure and visit her site and show her some love!

Have you noticed that I have joined Instagram? Well I have and I may be obsessed. Let me know your user name on Instagram and I will follow you. Also if you have a board on Pinterest that you pin a lot of service type pins to let me know that I would love to follow you!

Hope you are enjoying fall! For your viewing pleasure! I took these in Santa Fe in the Sangra De Cristo Mountains...it was stunning! I love aspens, what is  your favorite fall tree?

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  1. Not gonna lie, this almost makes me wish I was a coffee drinker! ha! And how adorable is that little note??? Great idea! And those fall leaves are making me SO PUMPED to come to Albq!!! Yay fall!


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