Friday, August 10, 2012

This is your brain, this is your brain on service...

Anybody else's head spinning??? Can you believe summer is already over? Like I entered some time space continuum and boom summer is nearly gone and winter is around the corner. I haven't even busted out my hammock yet! We were able to do 9 weeks yep 9 weeks of SIP Summer Camp :) It doesn't seem possible. Well I Don't have time today to put together this post which is the last SIP Summer Camp (week 9). The picture is a teaser so if you want to find out what we did come back next week :) I will say it's been a balancing act carrying my camera and trying to take pics while rangling kids and holding boxes of candy bars or whatever 5 things I am holding at the time for the service project. It's definitely put my skills to the test.

A few weeks ago when we were at the hospital doing our random acts of kindness I was talking to Kristin one of the hard working ladies with the Child Life Program at Presbyterian hospital. During our chat she asked if I would continue to do service projects during the school year with my kids. I  really hadn't given it a much thought at all. I had just planned on doing SIP Summer Camp during the summer and calling it good. I hadn't given any thought to what I would do after, well not with my kids anyway. I have thought about doing a series on fun service date nights and service ideas for the family to do together a few on weekends but mostly ones that would be easy to do during a week night. 

Well her question made me think... we have had fun though it's a lot of work to do the service project start to finish in a week and post about it. I guess really I just feel like how can I stop doing this kind of thing with my kids? I have decided to continue doing a service project with my kids each week however I won't post about it every week it will be about every month that I will do a post on what service we have done. It helped seal the deal when I came across this article a few days ago by Buttoned up this is what I read and I think it's pretty profound...The young human brain develops literally trillions of connections, called synapses during the first ten or so years of life. Ones that aren't used repeatedly get pared away during the later teenage years. So, the earlier you institute a good habit, the more strongly the neural connections are wired, and the more likely the habit is to stick over a lifetime. Secondly, their pre-frontal lobes (responsible for insight, planning, and other big-picture executive functions) do not fully develop until somewhere between the ages of 18 to 25. As a parent then, part of your job is to serve as their external pre-frontal lobe. That means you must look ahead for them and identify which kind of regular behaviors will serve them best in the long run, start them on the path to adopting that behavior, and then bolster their (weak) wills when they falter. Finally, last, but not least, chances are that your own involvement in their adoption of the new habit will strengthen your relationship with them and maybe even build your own good habit muscle a little too. 

I hope this post makes sense, I have stayed up till 2am the last two nights reading a book and my brain is exhausted. Brilliant I know. Anybody read any awesome books lately? I don't like sad books though. I am hungry for some good reads lately normally I mostly read books that really make me think so I don't stay up to 2am reading. I am craving a good book so tell me what amazing books have been on your nightstand lately? Have an awesome weekend! Muah...

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